Behind the Cover

By Jennifer Florendo

Deciding on a cover look for a magazine is no easy task. Once an idea is in your head, you have to take your vision and recreate it not only in a photo, but in the mind of your publisher and graphic designer. The spring issue is also our “Green Issue” and, when thinking about being green, my mind instantly went back into the ‘50s; a time when going green wasn’t a concern to almost everyone. Back to a time when aerosol hairspray and starch cans were more popular than fresh produce and a time where no one would have envisioned an electric car or one that runs on canola oil.

When it came time to pick the right person for this shoot, I could not think of anyone other than Calvert Collins, a reporter for 8 News Now.Yes, she is very good friend of mine, but also a twenty-something trapped in the body of a 1950s housewife. And I mean that as a compliment to all of those who are furrowing their brows. To me, Cal is the quintessential Las Vegas woman. She works hard, plays hard and loves even harder.

I met Cal years ago and have always admired her dedication our community, her friends, her job and everything—and everyone—she encounters. Pretty much how I pictured the quintessential housewife of the ‘50s. See … there was a method to my madness.

Once I asked her to pose for us, we enlisted more powerhouses to help out. The team of professionals included: Andeen Rose of Violet Hour Hair Nails Beauty at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas to create the perfect hair for the shoot; Alana Kelly of Cristophe Salon, to create a beautiful face using Makeup Forever; Patty Barba of Patty’s Closet to dress her to the nines and Scott Jason from Imagine Studiosto capture the perfect shot. No photo shoot is complete without some treats to get you through the long hours of primping and posing. So we brought along some cupcakes from Retro Bakery. They even made it into some of the shots.




Here is some one-on-one with Calvert:

Tell us where you are from and how you landed in Vegas:

I’m originally from Dallas, but I’ve been a nomad for the last decade. I’ve lived in Missouri, Madrid and London. Prior to moving to Las Vegas in 2007, I spent 2 1/2 years in Omaha, Neb. where I was an anchor and reporter for the FOX affiliate. While I loved my time there, I was really excited to move to the desert and away from blizzards!

So many women have a hard time dating in Vegas. How did you meet your fiancé? He is a wonderful man, by the way.

Thank you. I met my fiancé, Vince, in June 2008. I was on a terrible blind date, when I texted my friends to “get me out of this.” I was polite and finished the dinner, then excused myself for the evening. I met up with my girlfriends in Boca Park, and one of them suggested I meet Vince. After a series of bad blind dates, I told her I had four criteria. The “perfect person” needed to be: tall, smart, funny and outgoing. Vince and I met a few minutes later, and have been together ever since. Fortunately, he met “the criteria!” We are planning to marry in October of this year. 

You are VERY active within the community, tell us about all of the things you do professionally and in your spare time:

I am a journalist, so it’s my responsibility to know about a lot of things both personally and professionally. I like to be involved in many aspects of the community. I’ve been very blessed in my life, and feel it’s important to give back. I spend several hours a month volunteering with various, local non-profit organizations including the Junior League of Las Vegas, United Way of Southern Nevada (where I sit on the Women’s Leadership Council board), and APTRA (Associated Press Television & Radio Association) which I serve as vice president.

What makes you a “Las Vegas Woman”?

I love learning about this city. The main reason I wanted to work for KLAS (local CBS news station, 8 News Now) and move to Las Vegas was to learn about who and what makes it tick. From the world-class food and entertainment, to gaming, to outdoor and off-Strip activities, Las Vegas has so much to offer, and I relish being a part of so much of it. I have friends from all walks of life who I’ve learned so much from. Many were born and raised here, so I’ve learned a great appreciation for how Las Vegas came to be. I look forward to being a “Las Vegas Woman” for many more years seeing how this city, its economy, and its citizens continue to evolve!

Talk about what it was like to shoot the cover:

This shoot was an absolute blast! I felt like Heidi Klum being pampered and styled to perfection. I knew the theme of the shoot was ‘50s housewife theme, so I brought a few of my own pieces of jewelry that I thought would fit the part. I also did a little research ahead of time looking up old pictures of Doris Day, Grace Kelly and June Cleaver so I understood the look. We went through several outfits and options with and without props as I channeled my best “Price is Right” girl! It was a wonderful experience, and I am truly honored to grace this issue’s cover. 


The wardrobe used on set came from Patty’s closet …

 literally. She brought two rolling racks full of dresses, cardigans, purses and shoes right form her own closet.

Just days after the shoot, Calvert got engaged to her boyfriend Vince. Had our shoot been a week later, she could have worn her own ring. Instead, she wore my wedding band. 

The photo used on the cover was one of the last three photos we shot, after calling it a wrap! We kept shooting “just for fun,” and ended up with the right photo.

The Final Cover Shot