Cadillac of Las Vegas makes giving back to the community its priority.
By Jennifer Florendo
Photos by: Steve Spatafore,

Cadillac of Las Vegas isn’t your typical car dealership. They trade in pushy sales strategies in favor of a warm and welcoming relationship with the Las Vegas Community. Sales Manager for Cadillac of Las Vegas, Jennifer Jackson, makes it her mission to ensure that her office gives back to the community and gets involved in as many charitable organizations as possible.
Eye Care for Las Vegas Kids and Toys for Tots are the two local organizations that Cadillac backs most heavily. “Our goal is to be as involved in the community as much as possible. We want to do what we can to help,” says Jackson. This year, she hopes to branch out and spread the giving to four-legged companions by partnering with an animal organization.

Last December, Cadillac of Las Vegas co-hosted their second annual event to benefit Toys for Tots. The event was pioneered by LJ Harness, marketing and sales consultant for Cadillac of Las Vegas.
Almost two years ago, Harness transferred to Las Vegas from Florida. At the time, the economy was well into its down-turn, but Harness is not one to fall victim to circumstance. He looked at this as an opportunity to make great things happen in his new community.

One afternoon, he took a break from the office and headed out to the Strip with the intent of partnering with a company that is as passionate about giving back as Cadillac of Las Vegas. His love of all things rock n’ roll led him into the Hard Rock Café on the Strip. Three months after meeting with the manager, the Toys for Tots event was held at the Hard Rock Café, and a beautiful partnership was born.
“Mo (Younis, general manager) and Jennifer (Jackson) get what it’s all about. It’s not all about selling cars. It is about giving back to the community. It isn’t about how much you have, it is about how much you give back,” says Harness.

Domenick Allen of the group Foreigner headlined this amazing event, while enlisting the help of some friends to make this evening one of classic rock ‘n’ roll and an overall good feeling. Performers, including Sonny Turner of The Platters, Chris Phillips of Zowie Bowie, Billy Hensche of The Beach Boys and more, provided endless entertainment. And those in our community provided endless holiday joy for the children of Las Vegas.

Look for more good things to come from Cadillac of Las Vegas in 2011.