Name: Jaleh Pourhamidi, DMD, MDSc
Occupation: Orthodontist

Pourhamidi JalehDr. Jaleh Pourhamidi is an orthodontist and dean at the College of Dental Services for Roseman University of Health Sciences. At the Orthodontic Clinic at Roseman University, they are committed to providing patients with quality orthodontic care without incurring a high cost. 

Pourhamidi chose the field of orthodontics because of the way it perfectly blends the art and the science of dentistry. She enjoys being able to change people’s lives by creating a more aesthetic smile. 

While Pourhamidi helps design better smiles across Las Vegas, she is also shaping the future of orthodontists. “The Orthodontic Clinic at Roseman University of Health Sciences enrolls 10 residents each year into a three-year advanced education in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics/MBA program. Essentially, it’s an orthodontic residency program where dentists receive the training to become board certified orthodontists,” she says. 

The clinic prides itself on providing the highest quality of care possible by both residents and faculty that are fully committed to creating and implementing optimal treatment plans, based on each and every patient’s individual needs. “We treat everyone, including children, teens and adults at a very low cost,” says Pourhamidi. 

When learning that she is an orthodontist, Pourhamidi is often asked for an instant consultation. Not from the kids, but from the inquisitive adults. While the adults want to know if they need braces or not, it is the kids who ask the  big questions. “Children ask mostly what grade of school I completed to become an orthodontist. Based on how many years of school and training, my response is always, ‘I went to the 21st grade.’ Kids find it fascinating,” says Pourhamidi. 

Fortunately for both the adults and the children, technology is making it easier to wear braces, no matter what your age group. The days of traditional metal braces are long gone and have been replaced by more modern advances. “There are a variety of options to suit individual needs, including clear braces and Invisalign. There are also a lot of new customizing options that kids like, such as colored bands,” says Pourhamidi. 

Pourhamidi was heavily involved with Roseman University of Health Sciences as they established the college of dental medicine and the creation of the orthodontic clinic. The college was built from scratch, something that Pourhamidi is incredibly proud of. “It’s now been a little over three years and the college and orthodontic clinic are tremendous successes. The most rewarding experiences have been the 100 percent pass rate on the board exam by our first two classes and, in June, watching our inaugural class of residents graduate from the program and take the next step in their careers as orthodontists,” she said.

 She also stays on top of the latest technologies by offering patients the Cone Beam CT Scan. In just 17 seconds, the machine creates a 3-D image of the patient’s head and neck. “This allows the orthodontist to better diagnose functional issues and develop a more precise treatment plan. We’re very fortunate to have this machine at the orthodontic clinic at Roseman University,” she said. 

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