Muriel DeSimone, MD FAAP

HealthCare Partners Children’s Clinic 

Dr. Muriel DeSimone is the medical director at HealthCare Partners Medical Group Fremont Children’s Clinic, which is a patient-centered, physician-led and professionally managed medical group. In addition to pediatrics, the group provides primary, specialty and urgent care services.  

DeSimone began her medical career in nursing. She spent six years working in the neonatal intensive care unit at Sunrise Hospital before deciding to attend medical school. 

“As a nurse, I wanted to become even more involved in patient care, so medical school was a natural progression for me,” DeSimone said. 

Pediatrics has always been her passion, possessing the soft spot needed to work with children. She says when children are unable to effectively communicate what hurts, she uses creative ways to communicate and diagnose. 

“I feel so much empathy for kids, and I feel like I can relate to them on such a powerful level. That’s why I became a pediatrician,” DeSimone said. “There are clues and hints, like they are waking up crying at night because their ear hurts or won’t eat because when they chew it hurts their ears. We ask a different set of questions [to young children] than we would to a teenager, who can tell us everything.” 

DeSimone stays on the forefront of advancements through her involvement on committees that work on policies and procedures. 

“We follow what the top experts are doing and the latest and greatest recommendations for what we are doing. It’s more than just the patients, that part is fantastic and great, but the other side is that I am involved in making policies and getting everyone to do the right thing.” 

In her free time, Dr. DeSimone makes certain that she has things to focus on outside of work. “I have a family; a wonderful husband, two kids and a little farm, including 13 chickens, two goats, two ducks, two dogs and a big vegetable garden. It helps keep me balanced because my work schedule can be crazy.” 

Her children are ages seven and 19. She says the age difference between the two is because she attended medical school between the births. 

“After the birth of the first, I went back to medical school. Then I snuck one more in when I was 40.” 

HealthCare Partners Medical Group Fremont Children’s Clinic

5575 S. Durango Drive, Suite 103

Las Vegas, NV 89113


Michelle Ross, Vice President of Clinical Assessment and Solutions/Hierarchical Condition Categoriesfor HealthCare Partners of Nevada 

Michelle Ross is the vice president of clinical assessment and solutions/HCC for HealthCare Partners of Nevada. She says her role requires her to wear many hats, but the most fulfilling part of the job is helping seniors. She leads a team of nurses who partner with seniors to help get them the care they need. 

Ross’ department helps make sure that the health status of the senior patient is current and also offers a “care-coordination program” to its patients, essentially acting as a medical service concierge for seniors. 

“My team provides support to our senior patients by helping them navigate through the system in a coordinated way,” Ross said. “Our seniors don’t have to spend their time trying to figure out the system.” 

The team of nurses facilitates the care for patients, from coordinating the appointment with the primary care physician, to arranging transportation to get them to and from the doctor’s office. They also follow up with the patients after office visits. 

Ross says the nurses are there to provide support to patients, to ensure they follow the doctor’s instructions and to help them all through getting their bills properly processed and paid as well. 

“The doctors provide the care, but coordinating the care within a system is another process that requires a particular skill and knowledge. That is where my team comes in. 

“I like the opportunity and ability to work hard on behalf of the patients to help them get the best out of the system. It’s not just a job, it’s really a passion. Every day I continue to grow and am looking for the opportunity to help seniors,” she said. 

Michelle has a background in economics and spends her free time travelling with her family or creating ceramic sculptures.