Better late than never …

As I was putting together our fall issue, it seemed like a good time to reflect upon my own health and where it has been over the last year. Let’s just say that my reflections weren’t so splendid. It was simple to create stories such as “I am too busy to be healthy. I am too tired to workout. It is too expensive to eat right.” I can go on, but you probably get the picture by now. Sure, it may be easy to point the blame at everyone and everything else in our lives, but the only person responsible for our own health is our own self.

It is never too late to take charge of your health, whatever that means for you. To some, it may be regular check-ups, more trips to the gym, healthier eating habits, meal planning or calorie counting. To others it may be quitting something: smoking, drinking or sugar. Whatever it is, I encourage you to put your goals out there and enlist the support of some good friends to keep you accountable for your goals. You can add me as a friend on Facebook, I will keep you accountable … if you do the same for me. Deal?

Fall is such a wonderful time in Las Vegas—the weather is perfect for outdoor activities and apple cider. I encourage you all to try something new, to live a little bit on the edge, to eat something organic and to get your booty moving.


Jennifer Florendo

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