One local lady’s quest to go green

By Jennifer Florendo

In our busy lives, it seems rare that a brief interaction with someone can leave such a big impact. It was mid-spring of 2010, we were wrapping up the summer issue, enveloped in deadlines. The phone rang and I took the call. As the editor of this magazine, I receive many calls per day, but not all leave the impression as this particular one did. Fast forward to this April when a lady named Dottie had called me. As soon as I said hello, I knew that we had spoken before.

To-go container turned bathroom accessory

Ms. Dottie Turner, also known as “Dottie Do” can take anything old and make it new again. Just what does that mean? Well any leftover containers, mats, frames, clothing, magazines, photos … shall I go on or do you get the picture? They can be made into something else.

When Dottie Do called me this time, we were able to set up an appointment in my office. She bought along her container full of her creations that she made new once again. Underneath the lace and embellishments, was once a rotisserie chicken container, a to-go container or a dozen of eggs. Everything that once was old is now something new and decorated.

“People don’t realize all of the things we toss every day. It gives me passion to know that I created something instead of just giving me something,” says Dottie Do.

One day, Dottie Do stopped by my office to drop off another gift. She had taken my spring 2011 issue editor letter, laminated it and decorated it for me to keep. I was touched, to say the least. This was the first time that someone had taken the time to do something for me. I was absolutely touched. 

If you ask her where her inspiration and creativity comes from, she says that it is a “gift from God, but I am not a religious fanatic.” That everything just comes to her and it is something that she was meant to do. You can see it in her eyes, the way they light up when she talks about making her creations.

If you are interested in going green with Dottie Do, you can reach her at dmaecreativecrafts (at) or 702.823.5120.