The Las Vegas Rescue Mission is one of only FOUR finalists in Toyota’s “Cars for Good”  campaign. Click on the link to their page to check out the catchy video they posted.

Today is the day to vote for Las Vegas Rescue Mission!!!  If you haven’t already, please log on to your Facebook account and vote for the Mission to win a Toyota.  They really need this vehicle, it would be a huge help for them as they serve the less fortunate of Las Vegas.  Right now, they need to gain some ground on the competition, but we can do it.  Tell all your friends, share this post, post on your Facebook, Tweet , do all you can.  This would be a great win for our community.

The basic thing is how to vote:

  1. Log into Facebook (you must be a Facebook viewer to vote)
  2. Go to
  3. Search in the apps for the “Toyota 100 Cars for Good”
  4. Follow the instructions to launch the app
  5. On July 22, 2011 Vote for the Las Vegas Rescue Mission
  6. Tell all of your Facebook Friends!!!!

Best part? You don’t even need to “Like” Toyota on Facebook.