Like our lives, the field of medicine is constantly evolving and on the move. From the advancement of electronic medical records to minimally invasive surgery to advances in adult orthodontic care to spider vein removal, getting the care that you need has never been easier or better.

Articles by Jennifer Florendo

Photos by Connie Palen

With all of the options out there, finding the right doctor for you and your family can be overwhelming. Sometimes, it can be so frustrating that we often give up and ignore our medical needs all together. The end result of that is usually disastrous, requiring more treatment than we may have originally needed.

In this section, we profile doctors with specialties ranging from a periodontics and orthodontics to cardiology and vascular surgery to pediatrics, veins, spines and everything in between with a doctor of internal medicine. These doctors and surgeons tell us how they put patient care first, what their latest technological advances and techniques are and what they are most excited about in their fields. And just when you think that your doctor isn’t human—the long hours, the years of schooling, the pressure to care for patients—they prove that they are in fact human by sharing what they to do unwind, stay healthy and how they find balance in their lives.