The Las Vegas Woman’s Expo wants to give you a FREE ticket to the Fall Expo:  Saturday, October 29 at Red Rock Casino. Spend the day with your friends munching on delish food samples, checking out the latest in women’s health products, skincare and more at the Las Vegas Woman’s Expo.

WHAT TO DO: It’s easy. On your Facebook, Twitter, Blog or Email Signature, share the link to our registration page. Email a screen shot* showing us your post to and we will email the ticket directly to you.

1. Post our registration page link on your facebook wall… here is the link:

2. Tweet or Retweet the link to our registration page. Link: NOTE! Now until the expo, tweet this link with hash tag #WomanExpo, you could WIN $100 to Destination Spa! Winners announced every week!

3. Blog us by posting a link to our registration page on your blog.   Link:

How to take a screen shot: At the same time, hold down the “Alt” key and then press the “Print Screen” key. This captures your screen shot onto a virtual clipboard. Open up your email and in the “To” field, write: and “Screen Shot” as the subject. Into the body of your email, hold down the “Ctrl” key and then press the “V” key. The screen shot should paste into your email. We will also accept clear images from camera phones.

Fine Print: Be sure to leave your post/tweet/signature up until at least after the Expo.



  1. THis is a very health and valuable for all the woman in Las Vegas since we are a 24 hrs city, many of them did not lead a very health life, they sleep, eat, and never exercise. I wish this kind of EXPO can be launched more often to remind all the ladies here to keep themself in good shape and good health.

  2. Just sent the email though my phone, posted the link on my facebook. Hopefully it works right. Please let me know if your able. Thank you. ;) katie

  3. I posted on my FB page, sent an email with a screenshot and sent out a tweet on Twitter a few days ago and have not received my free ticket yet. Was I too late?

  4. I posted your link on my Facebook page and sent an email with the screenshot. Looking forward to receiving my free ticket as I went to your last event and it was so much fun!

  5. I need two senior tickets, what do I need to do?
    Will the health dept be there this year to administer flu shots?

    Thanks! Love your events!

  6. Sent a screen shot. Never been and would like to attend this year’s event. Requesting two free tickets, if possible please. Thank you. :)

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