Ready to share her music with the world

By Debbie Hall

Las Vegas native Aida Badalian is a 16-year-old rising piano virtuoso who has been invited to participate in an international competition to be held in Vienna, Austria in August 2013. She has won numerous awards at various competitions nationally and this invitation is her first competition abroad.

According to Badalian, she has known she wanted to play the piano since she was about 2 years old. Her family told her that she would play nonstop on a little toy piano that one of her mother’s friends gave her and even then her talent was evident. “Even as a child, I would look for pianos wherever I would go. I would play in banks, hotels, anywhere,” Badalian said. Since the age of 8, she has been under private tutelage with Tamara Saakyan as well as competing in competitions. One of her many goals is to one day study in Russia under her teacher’s professor.

Currently she attends Odyssey Charter School, which allows her the flexibility to concentrate on her pianistic studies and rehearsals, and still receive a college preparatory education. She also admits she reads voraciously.

“Aida was almost 8 years old when she came to me and she was a sweet little girl who came to the piano lesson. I remember my first impression of that little girl; she was a very bright personality. She was smart beyond her years, very well read, which now a passion of hers is to read books as well as play the piano. We spoke about music, the piano as an instrument, the structure, sound, (and) parts. She was really interested in the complexity of the instrument. She ran around the piano to look inside and then asked me to play so she could look inside again to see how the piano mechanics work,” Saakyan recalled.

“Another thing that caught my attention was that her hands and fingers were ideally shaped for piano playing,” said Saakyan, “I played a simple melody, she responded very well and repeated it right away. She was able to hear the pitch perfectly, very creative and musical. I recognized right away she is a very unique and extraordinary child.”

As for Badalian’s plans, she is planning on staying in America until she is an undergraduate. “There are a multitude of excellent and very famous teachers in universities across the country, especially on the East Coast. If I were given the enthralling opportunity to travel to Europe, it would be after I earned my undergraduate degree. I hope to further my education in Europe after that. Under any circumstance, however, I will always return to my home country, America,” Badalian said. No matter where Badalian is playing the piano, she will always demonstrate qualities that make her a Future Fearless Female.

Badalian is currently raising money for the opportunity to compete in Vienna since she is responsible for all of her expenses. If interested in donating funds for Badalian to play in the international competition, visit and enter the email address,, for the donation page. Also, like her on her Facebook page at Aida-Badalian-Official.


  1. We are so proud of you, Aida! We hope to have the opportunity to listen to you play very soon. Hope you have a great year and are successful with all your future endeavors! Love always Lucy & Kara