Whether for work or for play, dressing for your age is always in style

By Laura Rubeli

“At every age, the ability to listen to your own instincts and to choose what makes you feel comfortable and confident is what gives you a great sense of style.” – Giorgio Armani

The rules of fashion are ever changing and they only seem to get more complicated as we age. These are some great guidelines to show you how to dress in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond—all while staying trend conscious, yet age appropriate.

Women in their 20s are the most free to experiment with the latest trends and fashion statements. They can mix it up with bright colors and fitted clothing. The 20s are a time of self-expression and exploration, so have fun with fashion and don’t be afraid to take risks with edgier looks that express yourself.

Many women in their 30s are balancing the roles of wife, mother and career woman. The 30s is a time to hone your personal style—sophisticated with a fashion forward edge. Women in their 30s should pay attention to classic styles. We can still have fun with our fashions, but let’s leave the skin-tight clothes at home and opt for a more polished look.

Once women hit 40, they know who they are inside and what personal style of clothing they like. Polished and sexy means swapping out the mini-skirts we wore in our 20s and 30s and picking out clothes that are best suited to our body types. Dressing for our 40s means looking polished and put together; 40-somethings look best in tailored clothes that show off their figures. As women hit 40, they should strive to look tailored and sophisticated. Invest in quality pieces—and a great tailor, someone who can make any piece of clothing look like it was made for them.

They say 50 is the new 40. At this age, your style personality will shine through. One strong statement piece of jewelry is a very chic and very age-appropriate choice. Soft, neutral colors are great for during the day, black and white should be saved for evening and jewel tones are always appropriate. The rule from your 40s still applies: Always make sure your clothes are tailored to look like they were made for you.

No matter what the occasion or mood, women in their 60s should opt for more classic pieces in simple but well-cut styles. Clean cuts and lines look chic as women get older. Always keep the body in proportion by using the top-and-bottom rule. For example, when wearing a dress with a short hemline, the arms should be covered whereas when the arms are bare, the dress length should be longer. The 60s are the epitome of sophistication. Enjoy your personal style and throw in a fun scarf, bag or shoe to show confidence.

Women in their 70s should step up their dress with lots of color. Jewel tones and neutrals work best for women in their 70s. Stick to simple, classic wardrobe styles and use fabulous bold accessories to make a style statement. A fitted jacket and a well-cut shirt make for a very pronounced fashion statement. Avoid shapeless outfits and remember that fit is everything. Less is always more sophisticated.

No matter what your age, how you look on the outside reflects how you feel on the inside. Dress to impress at any age and your confidence level will soar.