Consignment boutiques are giving a whole new meaning to the words going green by saving you green (in your wallet) and being green to the earth

Story by Jennifer Florendo and Laura Rubeli, Styled by Laura Rubeli Image Consulting, Photos by Rebecca Prephan Photography

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Consignment shops have done much to dust off the label cobweb of being old, worn-looking and the final resting place for used clothing. They are great places to score authentic designer and vintage items for less. Now, it is easy to find name-brand clothing to fill your closet at wallet-friendly prices.

Thinking of weeding out your closet this spring? Here’s how the magic of consignment shops work: They sell high-quality, second-hand designer clothing at a fraction of the original cost; items that you may not have the energy or desire to sell on your own. Instead of listing your articles of clothing online, you can consign it. The rules vary from store to store, but generally … bring your gently worn wares into the store and once the item is sold, you will receive a percentage of the selling price or you may receive your money upfront, depending on the store’s policy.

That is the selling aspect of consigning … now onto the buying. Think of consignment shopping as more-bang-for-the-buck shopping. Instead of buying one brand-new item at full price, you can purchase an entire outfit—with accessories—for less. To compliment your impeccable taste, consignment stores only accept a high standard of designer clothes and accessories.

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Worried about being so last season? Consignment finds are current and often the season’s sassiest looks. For example, Pantone recently named Tangerine Tango its “Color of the Year” for 2012. Described as “a spirited reddish orange” by Pantone, “Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.”

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To showcase some fabulous consignment finds, we sought the help of Nicole Sorrentino, owner of Chique Designer Consignment Clothing, (where there was no shortage of shades of tangerine) to show us what’s new and exciting for spring 2012.

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