Name: Rim Marcinkus, MD, PhD, D.Sc.
Hometown: Lithuania, currently resides in Palm Springs, Calif. For the past 20 years
Occupation: Plastic Surgeon

RimIn Europe, Dr. Rim Marcinkus was a cardiac surgeon, as are his father and brother. After a while, he aspired to take a different path with more creativity. The field of plastic surgery greatly appealed to him and he became one of the first plastic surgeons in his country, Lithuania.

Dr. Marcinkus received his Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Science (the highest degree of in Europe) in Surgery and doctoral degree in scientific research at Vilnius University in Lithuania. He then completed his residency and fellowships in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Las Vegas, Michigan and Los Angeles for U.S. licensing. He regularly attends conferences for several different associations to stay abreast of current changes and education in the field.

“I enjoy making people feel beautiful from the inside out,” said the plastic surgeon, “If it bothers you, fix it.” He advised that patients should not be afraid to consult with an educated surgeon about plastic surgery. Additionally, he said, “Las Vegas, in my opinion, is looking for a new innovative and educated surgeon to bring, not only general plastic surgery, but a European approach for a natural look.”

The plastic surgeon has specializes in breast enhancement procedures, body sculpting, Eurolift mid-facelift, which is a mid-facelift under local anesthesia with little or no downtime, and hair transplantation. He also has a special interest in nonsurgical techniques for facial and body rejuvenation. He stated, “Many nonsurgical treatments from the newest technology are performed with lasers, and are remarkably going hand-in-hand with what I can do surgically.” Using such procedures for nonsurgical plastic surgery leaves the patient with excellent results and minimal maintenance.

At Desert Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Marcinkus boasts his practice as the “Home of the Eurolift.” Other specialized procedures include FDA-approved silicone “gummy bear” implants, saline implants, ultrasonic liposuction and full-body lifts after weight loss surgery. He also offers nonsurgical skin tightening, dermal fillers and Botox. Inpatient procedures are performed at his in-office surgical suite, allowing the surgeon to attend to his patients’ needs throughout their treatment.

His passion for the field carries on beyond the office. Dr. Marcinkus has authored multiple articles in experimental and clinical surgery journals in addition to two medical manuscripts. He also holds one registered patent and is a member of the American Medical Association, American College of Surgeons and numerous other European medical societies.

Outside of the office, Dr. Marcinkus likes to spend time with his family. Both of his children are aspiring to be doctors; his daughter is entering into premedical school and his son, who is beginning college, would also like to be a plastic surgeon. He frequently travels to Europe to visit family and attend events that honor the hospital where his father was chief of staff. He likes contributing to any charity helping children.

Office contact information Desert Plastic Surgery Center, Home of the Eurolift
Palm Springs, Las Vegas, and Europe
72301 Country Club Dr. Suite 106
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270


  1. I developed hyper pigmentation immediately as a result of a Vi peel 3 weeks ago done by Dr. Rim Marcinkus’ aestheticism. I went back for a follow up to see the aestheticism and the doctor but the office manager and aestheticism indicated that I had signed a waver therefore there would be a charge for a follow up with the doctor. The aestheticism at first tried to say that the spots were on my face before the peel, then they tried to place blame on me by indicating that I somehow did not follow their regimen. They offered no solution in getting the problem resolved and basically tried to place the blame on the patient. I find these types of practices unconscionable.