Name: Ryan E. Mitchell, D.O., FAACS, FAOCO
Hometown: Southfield, Mich.
Occupation: Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

mitchellTwo unfortunate incidents during his youth would lead Dr. Ryan Mitchell into a successful career in cosmetic plastic surgery. At age 7, he suffered a broken jaw after falling off of his bicycle. Although his jaw was wired shut for six weeks, his oral surgeon’s care and compassion left an impact on the young patient. Later, at age 10, Dr. Mitchell was attacked by a Doberman pinscher and required numerous stitches for three separate facial wounds. Despite these adverse experiences, his treating doctors had a positive influence on the youth and left a lasting impression. Those incidents, accompanied by his caring disposition and artistic quality, made choosing medicine and plastic surgery a natural choice for Dr. Mitchell.

Board certified in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Mitchell received a Bachelor of Science at Michigan State University. He earned an osteopathic medical degree from Des Moines University, then completed his general surgery internship and otholaryngology and facial plastic surgery residency at Pontiac Ostepathic Hospital. There, Dr. Mitchell trained extensively in facial plastic and cosmetic surgery and breast and body sculpting.

I improve people’s self confidence by changing how they look on the outside, which makes them feel better about themselves on the inside.
The cosmetic surgeon moved to Las Vegas in 2003 and has devoted his practice to helping patients achieve an appearance that is both youthful and natural. He explains that it is a gratifying experience for an artist to sculpt tissue, “I am an artist and the human body is the ultimate challenge as a media.”

He seeks to make patients happier about how they define themselves. “I improve people’s self confidence by changing how they look on the outside, which makes them feel better about themselves on the inside.” These surgeries can range from correcting prominent ears on a child to proportioning a nose with a patient’s face.

Dr. Mitchell advises his patients “let the buyer beware.” He warns that many surgeons in the field of cosmetic medicine promise surgery-like results without the surgery. He counsels patients to research cosmetic procedures and to have reasonable expectations about the results by asking their doctor for photos of previous patient outcomes.

Speaking on the latest in cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr. Mitchell says, “Evolving techniques emerge as a natural desire to advance upon the teachings of our predecessors.” In aesthetic surgical procedures, the aim is for patient safety and consistent, long-lasting results. As a result, many procedures are becoming less invasive such as endoscopic techniques that use small incisions for faster and less painful recoveries. In 2003, Dr. Mitchell was the first cosmetic surgeon to introduce the “no-scar” trans-umbilical breast augmentation to the state of Nevada. In a suitable patient, he says, the procedure is a better choice over other breast augmentation incision placements. Another advance is a dermal filler called Artefill, currently the only FDA-approved permanent filler available in the United States.

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