Name: Thomas Parisi, MD, FACP, CWHT
Hometown: Gloucester, Mass.
Occupation: Physician

thmas parisiA couple of trips to the emergency room as a kid sealed Dr. Thomas Parisi’s fate forever. As a child, Dr. Parisi played sports and had to visit the hospital on several occasions. He remembered the hospital staff as being cool, calm and collected, creating an atmosphere which he admired.

Dr. Parisi completed 16 years of schooling and training to become a part of the medical field. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biology at Widener University, earned his Master of Science in Microbiology from Thomas Jefferson University and a post-graduate degree from St. Christopher’s College of Medicine in Cambridge, England. He attended the University of Saint Eustatius School of Medicine in the Netherlands for his doctorate in medicine. He completed a three-year residency at the University of Nevada, Reno followed by a fellowship with the American College of Physicians, which required an additional three years. The physician became board certified in 2005 and has been practicing at Las Vegas Vein since being opened in 2007. Additionally, he is a practicing physician at the Desert Springs Hospital Wound Care Center.

Las Vegas Vein is dedicated to the treatment of leg disease, limb rehabilitation and vein care. Patients suffering from restless legs, swelling, unexplained pain and tenderness are healed using techniques that incorporate proper wound healing. The clinic offers inpatient and outpatient wound care, wound consultations, hyperbaric and undersea medicine. One advice he offers is to wear compression. “It will slow down the progression of chronic venous insufficiency, which leads to leg pain, swelling and cramping.”

After 16 years of medical schooling, Dr. Parisi is one of the most experienced Venefit Procedure Specialists in Las Vegas. He really enjoys seeing the results of his work. “It is very rewarding to see one’s patients getting stronger, healthier and happier.”

Not only is he a physician but Dr. Parisi is also a Venefit Procedure Instructor. In this capacity, he has been able to use a smaller three-centimeter probe in place of the typical seven-centimeter probe. The shorter probe allows him to treat veins he would not have been able to work on before. The physician is also a member of the American College of Phlebology, Society of Vascular Medicine, Society of Vascular Ultrasound, Society of Limb Salvage and Functional Reconstruction and the American College of Physicians.

Hanging in his office are paintings created by Dr. Parisi or his father. Along with artistic painting, the physician is a fan of ice hockey and ice skating. However, “It is the time with my family that I cherish the most,” Dr. Parisi stated.

Office contact information Las Vegas Vein
3525 E. Harmon Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89121