HealthCare Partners Medical Group, Twain Location
Name: Amy Sparks, MD
Hometown: Overland Park, Kan.
Occupation: Family Medicine Physician

Since the fifth grade, Dr. Amy Sparks had developed a love for medical science. The passing of a childhood friend from leukemia propelled her determination and desire to do good for others.

Completing medical school and a residency in family medicine at the University of Kansas, the family doctor enjoys the collaborative relationship with her patients. The daily challenge motivates her to help people overcome barriers to better health. She stresses that patients should “value their health and never stop improving the quality of life.”

According to Dr. Sparks, HealthCare Partners is now part of approximately 30 companies under the newly developed Accountable Care Organization. She believes HCP’s adoption of the coordinated care model, which emphasizes primary care doctors as the “quarterbacks” of health care, will deliver quality care to patients as they age.

When she hangs up her lab coat, Dr. Sparks, mother of three boys and one girl, is fond of traveling and reading.

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