Name: Dr. Archie Perry, MD
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Occupation: Board-Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon

Archie PerryDr. Archie Perry, a Fellowship-Trained Pediatric and Adult Spine Surgeon, first considered a career in medicine after undergoing surgery to repair a sports injury on his hand. He was intrigued by the surgeon, asking for the opportunity to shadow him. “He graciously allowed me to do so, and after seeing what impact physicians have in getting people back and improving their function, I was hooked right away. It was something I wanted to do. It fit my personality,” says Perry.

A “home-grown boy” as Perry likes to say, he was born and raised in Las Vegas, even receiving his undergraduate degree from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. As an orthopaedic surgeon, Perry specializes in spine surgery for both children and adults, something that is rare in his practice, and is on staff at University Medical Center. “I do a fair amount of severe trauma and tumors. I also do a lot of redo’s, where people have had surgery in the past and now either their outcome wasn’t good from that surgery or they’ve gone on to develop another problem,” says Perry.

Perry has found his niche in performing minimally invasive surgeries. Perry’s practice uses smaller incisions to execute a surgery that would normally have had large incisions. “You get a large incision in the front in your abdomen and then they turn you over and you have a large incision on your back. A lot of things that are done there, I can do in small one or two inch incisions,” Perry said.

While very serious when talking about or performing surgery, Perry is a bit more lighthearted when it comes to people to finding out he that is a doctor. “In a friendly setting, like friends of friends, the more common response is ‘Oh wow!’ and then it becomes a consultation, ‘You know what? I’ve had this knee problem …’ Usually there is this sense of amazement you know, ‘Wow! That is interesting.’ They ask what that entails and how long I had to go to school. The second phase after those inquiries is to tell me about an orthopaedic problem they have.”

While working at UMC, Perry performed surgery on a patient who came in with a broken neck from a car accident. After the operation, and saving the patient from paralysis, Perry received a memorable message on Facebook. It was from the patient’s uncle, letting Perry know that the patient is walking again. “That was a really great experience that someone reached out on Facebook and wanted to thank me and show their gratitude to me for helping their nephew walk again,” said Perry.

Office contact information Spine Institute of Nevada
2800 E. Desert Inn Road, Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV  89121