Name: Dr. Michael S. Mall
Hometown: Orange County, Calif.
Occupation: Comprehensive Primary Care

Dr. Michael Mall is a comprehensive primary care doctor who focuses on providing patients with exceptional care, which leads to exceptional results. All patients are given they time they need—and deserve—for their care.

Explain what MDVIP is and what motivated you to start this practice.
MDVIP is the name of my personalized healthcare practice. In 2006, after practicing medicine for 20 years, I decided to go back to the way medicine was intended to be delivered to patients. I limited my practice to a maximum of 600 patients in order to deliver on-time, proactive, real-time medical care that doesn’t rush our patients. Appointments are set for 30 minutes each and a yearly physical is scheduled for one hour. 

In a time when there is so much scrutiny over medical care, what do you offer to make patients feel comfortable with you?
I focus on wellness, prevention of disease, early treatment of medical problems, with same-day appointments, and developing a healthy lifestyle that allows patients to enjoy what life has to offer. In addition to providing timely and very personal healthcare, I have assumed a life-coaching attitude to optimize the physical, mental and emotional health of my patients. To further enhance the delivery of medical care, I am available 24 hours a day to my patients. Nothing is more comforting than knowing that your doctor cares about you, is available to you and is one you can trust with your health. 

How does this approach benefit your patients?
My practice provides a one-stop shop for medical services. We offer on-site X-ray services, cardiac stress testing, ultrasound services and on-site lab services. Because of the extra time devoted to each visit, I can usually communicate directly with specialist referrals, when needed. Minor surgical procedures such as lacerations, skin biopsies, sebaceous cyst removal and ingrown toenails excisions are all part of normal, routine medical care. Muscle trigger-point injections for painful muscles or spasms and joint injections for moderate to severe arthritis round out the full service provided to my MDVIP patients.

Do potential patients have the opportunity to consult with you prior to choosing you as their doctor?
We offer free face-to-face interviews for patients to determine if our practice is right for them. It’s very important to confidently answer, “Who do you trust with your life and health?” We want patients to choose me because they trust me.

Office contact information MDVIP
7455 West Washington Avenue #400
Las Vegas, NV 89128
Appointments (702) 733-7966
Membership management (702) 522-3037