Name: Dr. Syed F. Hussain
Occupation: Doctor of Internal Medicine

Syed HussainDr. Syed Hussain entered into the field of medicine with a purpose: To provide quality care to individuals and to practice evidence-based medicine. As a doctor of internal medicine, Hussain enjoys being a first responder to patients needs and is then able to refer them to a specialist, if needed.

Hussain has been practicing medicine in Las Vegas for over six years and recently opened his own practice. “The first thing I wanted to do was to make sure that we address whatever needs the patient has. To me, the most important piece is not to compromise the quality of care,” says Hussain. “That is one of the reasons I’ve had patients for many years. Patients are coming back to see me because they have known me for a long time. I have a lot of patients where the whole family comes and sees me,” says Hussain.

As a doctor, Hussain gets all sorts of free advice questions, mostly for the common problems like diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications. “A lot of people work hard but they obviously their life is missing one piece and that is the exercise as well as common things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high glucose, diabetes,” says Hussain.

Recently, Hussain was tasked with applying all of his experience, education and knowledge to caring for his own mother. When she became ill recently, Hussain was called upon to help treat her. “It was very challenging for me to apply all of my experience to my own mother,” he says. “That was the most rewarding experience; that someone who helped in raising you as a child, now they need you and you are there. That’s been the most rewarding experience I can think of.”

Hussain is looking forward to the advancement of electronic medical records and how it will improve patient care. He says that it will cut down on issues that patients currently have with things like scheduling and prescriptions. For example, doctors can check insurance coverage on prescriptions and what the co-pay would be. Laboratory results will come automatically into patient’s files, reducing the waiting time. “In terms of timeframe, we can get things done on time. I think it will improve care. Overall, I am looking forward to it,” says Hussain. Electronic medical records will also deliver reminders to patients as to when they are due for exams, shots and other updates.

Outside of the medical clinic, Dr. Hussain has a wife and three young children and finds that balancing work and home are a challenge, but is essential. “Sometimes it’s very tough working many hours, being in the emergency room, covering nights, but it’s still better to have a balanced family life because that is very important in terms of healthy relationships,” concludes Hussain.

Office contact information Syed F. Hussain, MD
Board Certified Internal Medicine

1641 E. Flamingo Road, Suite 10
Las Vegas, NV 89119