Name: Dr. Thomas S. Parisi, MD, FACP, CWHT
Hometown: Orange County, Calif.
Occupation: Board Certified Internal Medicine

Thomas ParisiDr. Thomas Parisi attended St. Christopher’s College of Medicine in Cambridge, England and is board certified in internal medicine. Parisi shifted his concentration to vein and wound care after noticing a void in both areas. “While working in the field, I noticed that no one was dedicating their practice towards vein disease. Some were cosmetic, others were part time,” says Parisi. 

His area of expertise not only includes vein care, but also salvaging limbs. “I am a limb salvage expert who specializes in wound care. In my experience, I had seen many venous stasis wounds and leg pains that were not being addressed by the medical community. So I became certified in vein care, as well as wound care, to have a unique niche in Las Vegas.”

At Vegas Vein, Parisi focuses on fixing the entire problem that the patient has. Parisi says that instead of fixing and forgetting, they evaluate the entire limb to ensure that what the patient is experiencing is examined and treated. “It’s not just a ‘Fix your vein and you are out the door.’ We are dedicated to patient satisfaction.”

I remind patients that vein disease takes a long time to develop and can take up to several months to be resolved.
Throughout his career, Parisi has had the opportunity to salvage limbs, to help patients walk again and to prevent future problems by diagnosing and treating symptoms. When success is achieved, Parisi takes great pride in knowing that because of his care, he has helped someone live a better life. “Salvaging a limb is always rewarding but seeing people pain free, walking and enjoying life is the most rewarding part,” he said.

When it comes to success rates of procedures, it is dependent upon how well each patient manages their post-op care. If they are compliant, they can expect the closure rate to be about 95 percent. But results, Parisi says, don’t happen overnight. “I remind patients that vein disease takes a long time to develop and can take up to several months to be resolved.” He further reminds patients to exercise and walk daily and wear compression hose.

Parisi says that it is important to have one’s vein care performed by someone who is dedicated to the specialty and is trained and certified. Something that Parisi is more than qualified to do. “Some professionals do these procedures once a week and they aren’t as proficient as those that perform the procedures every day.”

That treatment, along with the advances in vein care, will help patients heal more quickly and remain that way. Parisi is helping to develop a new probe that is intended to change the way that smaller veins are treated. “It’s still in the experimental stage but exciting nonetheless,” Parisi says.

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