In our spring issue, I announced to the world (ok, Las Vegas) that I was expecting my first child and due in the fall. While I wait for the rag mags to throw hundreds of thousands of dollars at me for the first photos of Baby Flo and some weight-loss companies to give me a multi-million dollar contract to lose the weight within an ungodly amount of time, I put together the baby registry. Talk about overwhelming.

At our first visit to our first baby store, I lasted a whopping 90 minutes. Only to add five things to the registry. A good portion of that time was spent sitting, with my feet up, in various rocking chairs thinking about what a process this registry was.

Thank goodness for friends and sisters who have gone before me into the realm of motherhood and have given me great advice on what I really need. It helped to save me additional, future meltdowns. Yes, there have already been a few.

Here are some of the very cool things I’ve discovered that may not be on the standards registry checklist:

The Tummy Tub

I love the concept of this tub: It is shaped and sized like the mother’s womb to give baby a warm and cozy bath experience. I don’t like getting out of a warm shower into cold air, why should baby?
Available at Belly Bliss Spa or

Blooming Bath

Not only is this an adorable piece of décor, it looks comfy for baby. This soft, cushiony bloom fits perfectly into the sink, cuddles baby and is easy on mom’s and dad’s backs.

The Ultimate Carrier

Comfortably carries newborns and babies up to 45 pounds, fits both the mom and the dad, and can be worn a number of ways. This product released in August and I can’t wait to try it out! Learn more at

Belly Bliss Spa

A spa dedicated to pregnant women? Yes, please. Massages, facials, waxings (Sometimes you just can’t reach anymore, ask for Tessa. She will take care of you!) are all available by talented aestheticians, therapists, and a warm and cheerful staff.
5761 South Fort Apache, 2nd floor

Baby Flo is due to arrive in late October, just before the holiday issue comes out. So stay tuned for updates and hopefully photos of the little one!

Also, don’t forget to join us (baby included!) on November 10 2012 for the JRDF Walk to Cure Diabetes. Visit and search for team name “Insulin, Shaken Not Stirred.”