We did it!

HarlowAfter countless doctor appointments, seemingly endless blood work appointments, 24-hour urine collections (you don’t even want to know!), too many pounds gained to even admit to and 39 weeks of pregnancy later, I gave birth to our little girl, Harlow. Although, little she was not, clocking in at 9 pounds, 5 ounces and 22 inches in length.

While birth was definitely no trip to spa, I made sure to do it in style. Hospital gowns are so … well, purposeful, but let’s face it they aren’t always cute. I wasn’t into the previously worn gowns, so I took matters into my own hands and packed a few fashionable options. Yes, the nurses looked at me like I had lobsters coming out of my ears, but by the end of my stay everyone was complimenting me on my fashion choices. These make the perfect gift for any mom-to-be.

Posh PushersPosh Pushers helped get me through 16 hours of labor in style. And for that, I am very grateful. Designed by expectant moms for a colorful, stylish alternative to the standard hospital gown, Posh Pushers gowns feature all of the necessities you need for labor and delivery: easy IV and epidural access, and shoulder snaps for instant bonding and nursing. All gowns are custom made to fit.
Yes, that is a photo of me in labor. All smiles … clearly it was early labor.
Starting at $49, poshpushers.com

Posh Pushers close upThe chosen outfit for recovery: dearjohnnies is perfect for labor, delivery, recovery, general surgery or outpatient treatments. Gowns are 100 percent cotton and features snap-down sleeves for easy nursing or medical attention. The backside features snaps that close the entire way down the gown for privacy.
Starting at $68, dearjohnnies.com

Birthing GownFor fear of ruining it, the Birthing Gown was too cute to wear during birth; it was very comfortable for postpartum recovery, easy for nursing and for the nurses to check on me during my stay. Made of indulgent, soft fabric in a one-size-fits-most wrap-dress style. Designed by a nurse, the gown is perfectly constructed with an open back and Velcro shoulders for that immediate skin-to-skin contact and nursing.
$64.99, Available at Belly Bliss Spa (desertperinatalspa.com) or birthingown.com