The summer issue is one of my favorites to put together and this Summer 2012 issue is no exception. What you are reading is almost a coming of age issue, if you will.

One of the highlights this summer is our feature with Mercedes of Mix 94.1 FM. As you will read she is an inspirational woman who, at least in my opinion, gets better with age.

Mercedes and I met about six years ago and have been friends ever since. She has been by my side from my single days to being a bridesmaid in my wedding to sharing her daughters’ out-grown car seats and strollers with me. While Mercedes has been a wife and a mother since we met, I have seen her through her second pregnancy and returning to college, where she is almost finished with her degree. There is something to be said about adult coming of age relationships that are experienced with friends.

As we wrapped up our Spring 2012 issue and started planning our Summer 2012 issue, a funny thing in my adult coming-of-age era happened: I found that I am pregnant. Yes, if you are reading this then you are going to be an aunt … ok, maybe not, but it is still exciting news to share with you, whether we know each other or not.

Upon seeing the positive test, the first thing I did was start researching stuff … tummy rubs, fun stuff for the dad-to-be, diaper bags … you name it. And in that short period of time, here are a few of my favorite discoveries so far. Stay tuned for more products and updates in the fall and winter issues.

The Undercover Mama camisole transforms any shirt into a nursing shirt (sure, there are no guarantees with nursing, but this looks like a great item to have) that allows moms to breastfeed in public without showing too much. Starting at $25,

Of course there needs to be something that doesn’t leave the dad-to-be feeling left out. DaddyScrubs offers an exclusive daddy-themed collection of gifts and books for the expectant father.

Kalencom’s trendy diaper bags allow moms to be functional, yet stylish. Bags include an insulated bottle holder, a changing mat and plenty of pockets for organization.

As I navigate my way through mother-to-be-hood, I welcome recommendations, tips and advice from those who have gone before me. Email your comments to and we may just print your tidbits in an upcoming issue.