The Great Health Food Debate: Is It a Fruit or Is It a Vegetable?

No matter what it is, or isn’t … the victory at dinnertime can now be yours

By Dominee Apple & Tonya Anthony

Photos: © Brian Brown Photography

Some foods are fascinatingly deceptive, and learning certain food facts can be fun as well as educational. For example, there are many delicious fruits that are commonly considered vegetables because of how they taste: tomatoes, cucumbers, squashes and avocados. An elementary rule of thumb in making a distinction between the two is: If you can eat the fleshy parts covering the seeds, then it’s probably a fruit. This knowledge is helpful when learning to plan well-balanced, nutritious meals.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends that children have 2 1/2 cups of vegetables and 1 1/2 cups of fruit daily. It’s usually easy to get children to eat fruit; however, vegetables can sometimes be a battle. But, if you vary your veggie choices and keep it colorful, it can make your meals interesting. And you can even sneak in a lesson about weights and measures by having your children help pick out and weigh the veggies. Experiment a little and add a new, raw, crunchy vegetable to a salad or sandwich. The CrumbSnatchers hum and wrap sandwich pops with color and flavor and is loaded with fruits and veggies.

It’s CrumbSnatchers’ mission to teach children to explore foods in healthy ways through a series of cookbooks and with our nutritional program “On Your Mark.” Both are specially designed to teach children toCook Together. Eat Healthy. Grow Strong.” We understand the need to make the connections between health, nutrition and exercise to empower children with the tools necessary to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Email your child’s eating dilemma to If we use your story, you will receive $50 worth of retail cooking products from CrumbSnatchers.

Hum and Wrap

Serves 2

Wash your hands and premeasure ingredients before beginning the directions below

Get Ready: Ingredients

2 flour or whole-wheat tortillas (10-inch)

2⁄3 cup hummus

1 organic yellow bell pepper (ribs and seeds removed), thinly sliced

2 organic plum tomatoes, halved, seeded and thinly sliced

1 cup organic alfalfa sprouts

1⁄2 cup organic avocado, pitted and thinly sliced

1 cup sliced turkey

1 cup sliced ham

Get Set: Tools Needed

measuring cup

all-purpose utility knife

cutting board

butter knife or spreading spatula

paper towels

Go: Directions

Put on an apron.

Tie back hair and roll up long sleeves.

Wash hands.

Wash vegetables.

Rinse alfalfa sprouts; pat dry with paper towel.

Using all-purpose utility knife, seed plum tomatoes and slice thinly on cutting board.

Pit and thinly slice avocado on cutting board.

Lay tortillas on a clean, flat surface.

With butter knife or spreading spatula, spread each one with hummus leaving a 1-inch border all around.

In center of each tortilla, pile bell pepper, tomatoes, sprouts and avocado; season with sea salt and pepper.

To prepare wrap, fold the short end of the tortilla up. Then fold one of the sides over the top of the filling. Place your fingers across the fold and roll.


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