This preteen demonstrates a giving spirit

By Debbie Hall

Born in Fuling, Peoples Republic of China in the Sichuan Province (where pandas are known to habitate), Alex Morgan began her life in an orphanage. At 11 months old, she was adopted by her two American mothers, Dr. Charlotte Morgan and Julie Liebo, and first lived in Minnesota. In 2004, the family moved to Las Vegas.
“I don’t remember anything about China, but I know why I love pandas,” Alex Morgan said. “My family is very special to me. I have two moms and an older sister. I have one cat, three dogs and two fish. I couldn’t live without them.”

Even though she just celebrated her 12th birthday, Alex Morgan has been an active member of the community for much of her life. Since 2008, she has collected soda pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House Charities while raising awareness on how the tabs help ill children. Alex Morgan has spent time during the holidays at a skilled nursing facility, handing out holiday gifts, assisting with serving meals, and helping with Santa photos of residents and their families. She also started a fresh smoothie program at an assisted living facility. Alex Morgan has worked for the past four years with a local food pantry where she collected hygiene items such as toothpaste, soap and combs. At her young age, Alex Morgan realized that if people did not have enough food, they would also not have money to buy other things as well.

Alex Morgan has definite ideas about wanting fairness in the world. She aspires to be a movie director and create movies that are reality based and, as she said, “with a twist!” Alex Morgan is currently working with a professional director and creator of an anti-bullying video where she would appear on camera. Mayor Goodman has expressed interest in distributing this video in the school district. She has written a book called, “A Star’s Wish,” about what stars in the sky would wish.

Alex Morgan is also a member of the National Junior Honor Society and was selected by her teachers for two awards: top select choir member and top student of her grade.

But Alex Morgan is still a kid and looks up to her big sister Ande. “She truly helps me in life. When I fall, she picks me up. She is shy and I am outgoing. She taught me to be outgoing even if she would always be shy. Even though she teaches me everything I know, she also taught me to not be shy like her, but to be communicative. I want to inspire others just like she inspired me.”

Alex Morgan makes time to have fun and enjoy her age. “My favorite things to do are swim, play Connect Four, go on the computer, draw on my white board, play with my dogs, ride my bike, go to the park and a whole lot of other things. It is so fun, especially when I have someone to share the awesome moments.”

“It’s not hard to help the world,” she said. “Give back to the world because so many people take. Everyone can fix that. If it is only helping someone hold the door, then that is one step closer. My saying is, ‘To be inspired, inspire someone else.’ Help your neighbor and they will help you back.

“I also believe that somewhere inside of everyone there is something about them that is awesome. I did a Facebook event and asked all my friends to invite their friends and we all told someone they were awesome at the same time one Sunday which I called Awesome Day.”

How awesome is it for Las Vegas that Alex Morgan is Future Fearless Female.