Hayley Neighbors: Expressing her passion through art

By Debbie Hall

Hayley Neighbors’ calling is art, especially animation, and she has been following her dream with training and application. A student at Las Vegas Academy majoring in art, Neighbors also balances her life with education and volunteering.

“Volunteering has influenced me in many ways,” she said. “I think the biggest one would be that it kind of invoked a passion in me to try and help out in the community and otherwise.”

As for her education, Neighbors said, “I attended Faith Lutheran throughout middle school and my freshman year, and I was homeschooled for my sophomore year. I have taken a life drawing class down in the arts district. It’s wonderful and really helps train the eye so that the anatomy improves with each drawing you do.

“I’ve always had a passion for Disney, and I think that’s what got me into art. The first painting I ever did was of Ariel (the Little Mermaid) and after that I realized that it was fun so I continued. I draw many cartoons in my spare time, but I also love the realistic and naturalist art movements. So I try to balance out between character designs and portraits.”

Another milestone for Neighbors is volunteering for 10th anniversary for DJs for PJs, a nonprofit organization that provides new pairs of pajamas to benefit children in need. Hayley’s mother, Darcy Neighbors, was one of the founders in 2003, and Hayley Neighbors has been volunteering since she was 7 years old.

“I always look forward to DJs for PJs because it makes me feel like I’ve made some sort of difference in the world, even just by sorting and packaging through the pajamas,” Hayley Neighbors said.

“The memory that stands out the most for me would be every time that we (my sister and I, usually) go to purchase pajamas with the money people donate. It’s an awesome feeling to be able to choose which pajamas the kids get to wear and knowing that every pair makes a child happy.”

Hayley Neighbors credits her grandmother for inspiring her, both in her goal to become a trained artist and values in living her life.

“My grandmother did a lot of art throughout her life and many crafty things I think that that influence kind of got me to begin pondering art and just trying it out. I also look up to her a lot because she’s very humble and has a heart of gold. I definitely think that being able to be around her often growing up has helped me develop into who I am today, artistically and otherwise,” she said.

Hayley Neighbors is looking forward to attending an art university, majoring in character animation and possibly already working in the field after completing a few internships.

“I’d love to be able to go right to work after graduating, but I also think it’s beneficial to try to do as many internships as I possibly can during my college years,” Hayley Neighbors said.

Currently, Hayley Neighbors currently attends life drawing classes on Tuesday in the arts district and also spends much of her time painting or doodling, whether digitally or with traditional methods.

As Hayley Neighbors stated, “I love to create, so that’s basically what I do in my free time.” As a Future Fearless Female, watch out for Hayley Neighbors’ artistic endeavors, whether in the movies, television or Internet productions.