By Rev. Thabiti

When someone is unhappy, it is for a fundamental reason. It is because life is not happening the way they expected, desired or hoped. In that moment of unhappiness, they forget that life does not go anybody’s way. Life goes its own way, and the vastness of life cannot be squeezed into a limited perception of what we think it’s supposed to be.

The fundamental difference between an enlightened and an unenlightened person is perception: everyone is looking at the same world, but not seeing it the same way. The unenlightened person can only see thorns and always complains. The enlightened person (with an expanded viewpoint) sees the thorns as part of what makes a beautiful rose.

A limited viewpoint suppresses our comprehension of the fullness, magnitude and awesome beauty inside of the gift of life itself. A limited viewpoint blocks our ability to be available to the presence of something trying to get our attention and keeps us trapped beneath our greater potential and from enjoying an absolutely perfect life.

As we begin to expand our viewpoint, our response to things that happen automatically improves. We remember that each planet moves in perfect order around the sun and are always exactly where they’re supposed to be at the exact time they’re supposed to be there. This is why we can predict thousands of years in advance precisely when there will be a solar eclipse and the exact spot on earth that will have the best angle to see it.

As we expand our view point, we see that each individual is moving and operating on this planet, and in our life, in the same exact perfect way. This perfect movement is proven with each new day that begins with a sunrise that is perfectly punctual and never, ever late. Now that we have expanded our viewpoint, the earth becomes our playground and the entire Universe becomes our domain.

Rev. Thabiti is the CEO at, executive director at and is the inventor of the Personal Time-Map System. He also officiates at weddings and funerals and can be contacted directly at