What love really has to do with it

By Rev. Thabiti

We’ve all heard the popular song “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” by Tina Turner and today the answer to this great question will be revealed. Love is what brings together and unifies Venus and Mars. Venus is the planet of love and Mars is the planet of war. War, as ugly as it can get sometimes, is still rooted in the desire to protect whom or defend what we love or to pursue that which we love.

Love is why we help those in need. Love set free is what causes harmony, forgiveness and compassion to happen. Love helps us to look beyond the shortcomings or seeming imperfections of others to see that everyone is doing the best they can given their situation, circumstance, understanding or misunderstandings and beliefs.

Our eternal marching orders are to learn to love one another. There is a love intelligence governing our Universe and this is the reason why we heal. Love improves our ability to accept the truth that is being revealed right now.

Love causes us to make sacrifices for our children. Love produces the kind of patriotism that makes one willing to die for their country in order to protect and defend her.

Love brings joy and joy brings love because we naturally love people and things that bring us joy. Beauty is born out of love. Beauty cannot exist without love. As we mature spiritually, beauty and love become one and inseparable.

Life is born out of love. Without love there cannot be life. A greater and higher love is moving through us right now with each and every new breath we take. We love life and life loves us.

Love provides unlimited opportunities and infinite possibilities at every moment of our lives and that’s why love is the answer.

So what’s love got to do with it?

Well, if it were not for love, none of us would exist and no one else would matter.