Career Day for 13-Year Twins

Spending the Day with Las Vegas Woman® Publisher, Tammy Shaw

My sister’s fiancée’s twin daughters… basically, my future step-nieces had career day for their school.
They chose to join me and my world of publishing Las Vegas Woman®. My first reaction was one of hesitation. How would my clients perceive me? Would it look like they were my kids and I couldn’t get a babysitter? My time is pretty tight during the day and having them might put me behind schedule. It only took a moment for me to get grounded and look beyond my own selfishness and realize that this is not about me. It’s for the young ladies, Hannah and Aviva Lessnick. It’s about giving them a peak into the life of a woman entrepreneur and contributing to their young life’s experience.

Our first stop: Las Vegas Woman’s office.

Here they got to see that I actually do work. That it’s not all glitz and glamour and I do more than just put my picture in a magazine.

Next stop: United Way Women’s Leadership Council member’s only luncheon at the Las Vegas Country Club.

The Lessnicks had the opportunity to engage with over sixty female community leaders. Hannah said, “That was a room full of strong personalities!” It was an inspiring experience for both the Lessnicks and for the women attending the luncheon. I believe having the Lessnicks attend the luncheon reminded the women in the room that contributing to organizations such as United Way fulfills our purpose to pave a better path for the next generation.

Final meeting: The Fisher Center with Dr. Orna Fisher

Being only 1 of 4 “female” plastic surgeons in Las Vegas, the Lessnicks had the opportunity to spend an hour with an accomplished doctor. Their first impression of Dr. Fisher was how stunningly beautiful she is. Her long blonde hair, petite stature and rocking high-heeled shoes is not what one would imagine when walking into a surgeon’s office. Her beauty outside is a reflection of her beauty inside. She tells the Lessniks, “I’m no different than anyone else. I just put in the effort and did the work to become a doctor. It’s that simple.”

It was truly an honor spending career day with Hannah & Aviva. My hope is that they gained inspiration that will last forever and help them as they navigate through high school and in their adult life. I am in gratitude of the time spent with them on career day. They have given me inspiration that I will cherish forever: My life’s purpose is to give back and to serve our community so that our children can fulfill and pursue their destiny.

Embrace life, community and yourself,
Tammy Shaw, Publisher & CEO
Las Vegas Woman®

“I got to see how a magazine could impact and help the community. I felt that each event we went to had the same theme: It was about helping the community. All the women we met were supportive and all about helping each other. I also learned, as we drove to each appointment, that Tammy Shaw is a good car singer.” –Hannah Lessnick
“I got a different take on how I could live my life, on how to be an entrepreneur. I never really understood how valuable communication and relationships are in addition to schooling. With all the different things we did, I felt pride in being a woman and being strong.” –Aviva Lessnick