Meals on Wheels in 2012

The local food truck scene explosion gives a new meaning to the concept of to go

By Debbie Hall

Before the phenomenon of foods trucks exploded in the valley, the only time anyone ate from a stand with an engine was at a carnival or outdoor festival. Now, devotees follow their favorite meals on wheels on Twitter and Facebook to see if their favorite truck will be the neighborhood. While food trucks seem to be everywhere, here are our three favorites ready to serve you.

Snow Ono Shave Ice

Jon and Mari Anne Yoffee brought authentic Hawaiian shave ice to the mainland in September 2010 and have already developed a huge following. Mari Anne Yoffee emphasized that it is shave, not shaved, and DON’T call it a snow cone. With more than 38 flavors to choose, including very unique tastes such as horchata, li hing mui, tamarind and tiger’s blood and more familiar essences such as green apple, piña colada, root beer and cherry; this yummy treat satisfies the sweet tooth without loading up on the sugar. Other specialties include snow cap (sweetened condensed milk on top), li hing mui powder (dried salted sour plum), sour spray (makes shave ice taste like a Warhead, making your mouth pucker in a good way), chile con limon powder, vanilla ice cream, azuki beans (red beans) and mochi bits (rice gummies). Combos are featured such as da strawberry shortcake (strawberry, wedding cake with snow cap); da upside down (vanilla, coconut, pineapple with snow cap) and da shocka (green apple, grape and watermelon with sour spray).

Find them on Facebook at SnOwONOShaveIce, follow them on Twitter @SnOwONOShaveIce and visit the website at

The Rusty Pickle

Jan Scarborough wears many hats, including principle at The Idea Factory, an advertising and marketing firm and owner of The Rusty Pickle food truck. Scarborough shared her love of food and cooking with her twin boys who wanted her to open a restaurant. Instead, after being inspired by the television show, “Great Food Truck Race,” and the availability of a food truck for sale, Scarborough launched The Rusty Pickle named by her son Brendan.

“I think combination of being a mobile kitchen with great food and strong marketing have resulted in the culinary craze,” she said. “We were able to go where our customers want us to go, when they want us and offer them high-quality food for a fraction of restaurant pricing, and our customers get the advantage of buying from local small businesses, eating gourmet food at low prices. It’s really a win for everyone.”

Find them on Facebook at rustypicklefoodtruck, follow them on Twitter at @RustyPickle and visit them at

Slidin’ Thru

Slidin’ Thru food trucks, established in 2010, proudly tells Las Vegas that it is, “A big truck full of huge dreams and mini burgs.”

The menu is basic yet trendy with five selections including the barby mini burg of melted cheddar, caramelized jalapeño, crispy fried onion strips, bacon and barbecue sauce; pep pep mini burg made with lettuce, tomato, crisp bacon, sautéed onion, melted cheddar, pickle and super sauce; yaya mini burg filled with lettuce, tomato, red onion, feta cheese, tzatziki and red wine vinaigrette; captain’s order mini burg made with Roma tomato, arugula, crisp bacon, feta cheese, sautéed onion and balsamic reduction; and plain Jane mini burg with cheese and ketchup. Pulled pork, vegetarian and a variety of fries are also offered.

Along with colorful food trucks, Slidin’ Thru has established a brick-and-mortar location at 6410 N. Durango Road with a second location coming to 5165 S. Fort Apache Road. Find them on Facebook at slidinthru, follow them on Twitter @SliderTruck and visit