Fixing automobiles is an art

By Regina Arnold

Thanks to a summer job, Jose Gutierrez developed a passion for auto body work. At age 16, his friend’s parents had a body shop and hired him. “A car would come into the shop looking completely destroyed and after repairing it, the car looked better than before it came into the shop. I could see the artwork in it,” Gutierrez said. He also loved seeing the customer’s reaction when they got their car back. “It looked so great, and they were so happy with it,” he said.

Gutierrez, owner of Sudden Impact Auto Body, just celebrated 10 years in business. “We are family oriented and not corporate owned, we treat our customers like they are family,” he said. His attitude, attention to detail and high quality work is what sets his business apart from other auto body shops.

To make sure the business is always current with the constant changes in auto manufacturing, Gutierrez and his staff upgrades their skills on a continuous basis. “We have already taken six or seven classes this year,” Gutierrez said.

Sudden Impact is the exclusive auto body shop for United Nissan. “We started doing body shop work for them and the customers were so happy with minimal complaints that they made us their exclusive auto body shop,” Gutierrez explained.

They are also the preferred shop for many insurance companies, such as State Farm, California Casualty and ANPAC, to name a few. “We offer a lifetime warranty on everything we do. We pride ourselves on doing things right. If a customer comes back with a complaint, we will do whatever it takes to make it right, no complaints,” he said. Most of their referrals come through word of mouth. “Although we do some advertising, the majority of our clients are through word of mouth. We have a really great reputation.”

Gutierrez also loves that his business allows him to work with both of his daughters, Vanessa and Alexandra. “Everyone that works in the shop is like family. God has definitely blessed us with this business,” he said.

For more information on Sudden Impact Auto Body, visit or call 702.457.3002.


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