Helping make dreams of having a family come true

By Regina Arnold

Women who donate their eggs are helping to fulfill another woman’s dream to become a mother and at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, donors are provided with the upmost comfort and care.

Many donors have had family or friends who have been unable to get pregnant due to infertility, and former donor Katie is one of them. “Although I was not able to donate directly to them, I saw the joy and happiness they experienced when they had a donor and were able to conceive. I feel that I was truly blessed to help another family receive the miracle of having a baby,” she explained.

Katie was working at an obstetrics and gynecology office when a representative from The Fertility Center of Las Vegas came in to leave information. “We started chatting and she told me about the donor program, which piqued my interest. I did some research on The Fertility Center of Las Vegas and found that they have some of the top doctors in the country. I went in for information, and the entire staff was extremely friendly and helpful from start to finish. They made the experience very pleasant,” she said.

Another former donor, Kylee, was originally interested in donating her eggs for the compensation but quickly fell in love with being able to give such an amazing gift. “Once I met with one of their (The Fertility Center of Las Vegas) coordinators, and truly learned what I would be doing for someone wanting nothing more than to become a parent, I fell in love with the whole idea. I loved the thought that I would give a woman a chance to grow something so special and do everything as if it were completely natural,” she said.

Kylee describes the experience as an honor, “People who resort to needing a donor have been through so much. They typically try every possible thing to get themselves pregnant and wait years until they decide upon a donor,” she said.

Not only do donors bless people to be able to conceive but they also reap the benefits of genetic and chromosome testing. First-time donors undergo medical and psychological screening, which put many donors’ minds at ease. “When my husband and I decided to start our own family we saved a lot of money because I already had genetic and chromosome testing done,” Katie said. Kylee finds the fertility and hormone level testing to be beneficial especially for future pregnancies.

Katie speaks highly of the team at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas. “The entire staff at The Fertility Center of Las Vegas from the doctors to the receptionist are the most wonderful, kind and caring people ever. They are very considerate and respectful and make you very comfortable by putting you at ease with any concerns you may have. The doctors spend time with you to answer questions and really explain things instead of a quick in and out that leaves you wondering what’s next,” she said.

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