By Debbie Hall

Anne Aniello-Wayman is a successful business woman, wife, mother, pet mom, mentor and philanthropist. She credits many people for her inspiration to succeed both professionally and personally and is very instrumental in giving back to her community.

Her family moved to Las Vegas in 1963 where her parents started and operated a very successful business.

“My father recruited me into the business while I was working at Valley Hospital in my 20s. He advised me that insurance (protection of people and their assets) was a very rewarding career. I found the business interesting due to the analytical aspects, the opportunity to build long-term relationships with my customers and to provide protection to those who suffered financial and other personal and business losses.”

After living and working in the Bay area, Aniello-Wayman returned to Las Vegas in 1996 to continue her career. Today she is employed with Kaercher Campbell Insurance Brokerage, one of the oldest, largest independent brokerage firms in Nevada.

“I’m quite proud of my work in Silicon Valley because it was such a booming and challenging time in my career,” Aniello-Wayman said. “It was literally at the biggest time in the technology boom. That is where I really learned about corporate insurance and risk management.”

She, along with her mentor and husband, Mark Wayman, are very active in supporting many local charities including Make A Wish, Opportunity Village, Olive Crest, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Adams Place Center for Grief, Safe Nest and Clark County Medical Society Alliance.

She was named after her aunt who died of heart disease at an early age and explained, “I am also a big supporter of American Heart Association-Go Red for Women and I have recently joined United Way Women’s Leadership Council.”

As for her inspiration, Aniello-Wayman stated, “First, all single parents inspire me. I know first-hand the sacrifices and hard work it takes to raise children alone and the responsibility involved in order to give them the best opportunities to thrive in the world. I admire my sister, Janice Portaro, for her strength. She is the most gracious, empathetic woman I know despite the fact that life has dealt her and her family the most devastating of losses.
“Growing into adulthood I read books about women that I admired; Benazir Bhutto (The Daughter of Destiny). She was the first woman in Pakistan to head a major political party and suffered immeasurably for the fight for Democracy. She later lost her life because of her unwillingness to give up the fight.”
She added that as a “business mentor, Patti Hart, CEO of IGT, is the hardest working, goal-oriented woman I have met. She has also brought jobs back to Nevada.

“I have served on committees with Patti, Dawn Gibbons, Tammy Shaw and Mary Krevosh and I admire these women for their philanthropic endeavors, their positive attitudes and for showing grace under fire. These are a few of the women that stand out in my world and those who have similar goals and that I share a sense of camaraderie.”

In her personal life, Aniello-Wayman is newly married and has three children and three dogs. Being a former competitive triathlete; fitness has always been a big part of her life as well as a love of food and entertaining. She enjoys hiking in the mountains, boating and practicing Yoga.

Her personal philosophy is that, “I don’t consider myself a wealthy person. However, it is not a requirement to give to charities because there are so many people who are in need and that require our help. Someone always has less and needs our help so I consider it my social responsibility to give back to this community. We believe that for whom much is given, much is required. My belief for charity is to ‘keep it local.’ Nevada was hit hard by the recession. I believe in Nevada and for our future.”