Blossom NaturalsIn today’s world, we as consumers are becoming more knowledgeable and interested in skin care products that are free from harmful chemicals, additives and preservatives. The healthiest approach to skin care is one that includes a healthy diet and products that protect against environmental and free radical damage. Nothing is more important than your health. Studies show that 60% of ingredients in beauty products get absorbed into your circulatory system.

Reading labels on skin care products isn’t always easy. The majority of ingredients are impossible to pronounce and are also very deceiving. Since personal care products do not require approval from the FDA, it is imperative that you research and educate yourself on each ingredient, and the negative effects it can have on your health. These various chemicals and additives are a cheap and cost effective way for the manufacturer to maximize their profit.

The most common question I get asked is, “Why did you get into making your own products?” In April 2005, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. Three Doctors informed me that I needed to have my thyroid removed immediately. If I chose to have the surgery, I would be placed on thyroid medication for the rest of my life. My only other option was to go the natural route. Through my research I learned it was important for me to strengthen my immune system. To attain this, it involved eating a healthy diet, taking vitamin supplements, consistent exercise and also eliminating any toxins that existed in my skin care products. I found that most products on the market, who were claiming to be organic, had several chemical based ingredients listed on the labels. I felt that if I wanted to eliminate all toxins from my beauty products, I would have no other option but to create my own. Gradually, I perfected my formulas and turned this passion and energy into a business.

Blossom Naturals products are hand-crafted without the use of harmful chemical additives and preservatives. Each product is formulated to penetrate the skin very quickly and effectively. Because our bodies recognize and accept plant extracts as ‘natural’, they are readily absorbed. They aid the skin in regeneration and enhance healthy cell renewal. The more natural your skin care product, the less likely your skin is to have an adverse reaction.

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*Please Consult With A Doctor Before Using Blossom Naturals To Treat Graves Disease*