warrior-2Congratulations to Bernadette Eclarin! She’s the $500 Grand Prize Winner with The Personal Development Show promotion held at this February’s launch party.

While attending the Las Vegas Woman Magazine Launch Party on February 20th, 2013, Bernadette Eclarin decided, on a whim, to keep her sister-in-law company during the event. And it paid BIG TIME! She registered and won $500 in FREE MONEY from The Personal Development Show, in association with Mental Warrior Training Academy.

The Personal Development Show is a “live” Internet based show that provides tools, tips, techniques, and strategies to grow and transform your ‘Personal’ and ‘Professional’ life every Sunday from 6pm to 7pm (www.ThePersonalDevelopmentShow.com). Just click the “Listen Live” button.

Mental Warrior Training is a live classroom-style course that’s designed to develop your “Warrior Mindset” by providing mental tools and exercises to help you to create the life you want to experience on your own terms. This mental training program is about living effectively, achieving more goals, and producing meaningful results—like that of “mental” black belt warrior. It’s like martial arts…but for your mind!