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Dr Alana SaxeDr. Alana Saxe has been serving the Las Vegas medical community since 1995 when she moved from California to Nevada. In Las Vegas, her first position was with the University Medical Center’s Burn Intensive Care Unit as a registered nurse. Dr. Saxe decided to change careers and graduated at the top of her class earning a Doctorate of Medical Dentistry from University of Nevada, Las Vegas’s School of Dental Medicine where she also received her specialty certificate in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. She is also a member of The American Association of Orthodontists, Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, American Dental Association, Nevada Dental Association and Southern Nevada Dental Association.

“Two influences in my childhood sparked my interest in medicine and dentistry,” said Dr. Saxe, “The first being my mom since she was an operating room registered nurse. I grew up around the small hospital in my hometown, often times waiting in the nurses’ lounge in the late hours of the night while my mom assisted with emergency surgeries. This started my fascination with medicine and biology.”

“The other influence would be my childhood orthodontist. He had a small practice in the neighboring country town. I was fascinated at his ability to move my very spacious buckteeth into perfect position. He would let me hold a mirror and watch as he worked on my teeth. He took the time to explain to me how the wires and brackets worked. I was actually sad the day my braces came off,” she said.

Dr. Saxe explained that there are many adults who had braces as teenagers, but did not follow through with retainer wear. Typically these people now have crowding of the lower front teeth or a few minor rotations. The good news is these cases can often be treated in about six to 12 months with removable retainers, clear aligners or tongue-side braces. According to Dr. Saxe, teeth shift with age but it can be corrected or prevented. “The majority of my practice is kids and teens, but there are many moms and dads who decide to straighten their teeth as well.”

“Helping people and being a part of a positive change in their lives, getting to know kids and their families in the community; this is what inspires me and gives me great joy in my career,” she said.

Dr. Saxe is all about community and has participated in several fundraisers or sponsorships for various sports teams, band members, cheerleaders, and elementary schools, and has raised money for the JDRF Las Vegas Chapter.

She has also created her own dental hygiene program focusing on first graders during the school year. She visits about 20 schools a year serving approximately 2,000 kids. She introduces an interactive program that teaches kids how to brush, and she donates toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss to every child in the program.

Married to producer David Saxe for 15 years with three children; she enjoys reading a good novel or an orthodontics journal, attending movies with her husband, spending time with her children, cooking and getting together with girlfriends.

Dr. Saxe’s goal is to work with her patients to offer customized orthodontic care with exceptional results in the shortest time possible.

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