By Debbie Hall

Dr Joel StokesWhile this is the holiday season, Dr. Joel Stokes actually gives all year round.

First, Dr. Stokes gives of himself. Along with featuring the latest in restorative and preventative dentistry, he gives of himself with his personal approach to family dental care.

Time is very valuable and patients do not wait for Dr. Stokes. Each patient is greeted and brought back to the exam room as soon as they enter the office within five minutes of their arrival. Once a patient is seated, Dr. Stokes is there ready to treat them. There are two reasons for this approach. First, patients can become very anxious waiting and he wants to give them peace of mind. Second, Dr. Stokes respects everyone’s time and understands that every moment counts, whether it is the holiday season or some other time of year.

To add to everyone’s sense of security, he makes certain that each patient and their family understands that the protection of a patient’s health is at the top of his standards. Dr. Stokes takes extra measures to coordinate each patient’s medical and dental care and designed his current office with a state-of-the-art sterilization room and all staff strictly adheres to all OSHA and CDC sterilization standards. All instruments remain sealed in a sterile field until opened for the specific patient. What a present to know that dental procedures are conducted in a safe, secure practice.

Dr. Stokes is very patient and understands that sometimes not everyone is able to keep up with their regular dental care. Dr. Stokes never judges anyone. He only wants to help people get back on track with their dental care and help them maintain good health.

“I meet and interact with individuals and community groups to help inform our community about how our dental office can help elevate the level of dental health with a high trust and low stress environment,” he said.

His extensive focus on comprehensive dentistry is combined with his dedication for one to one interaction with patients and helping them to look and feel better in that high trust, low stress environment. Some of the newest procedures his practice offers include all forms of general dentistry, the removal of silver fillings that are replaced with non-metallic dentistry, Invisalign, dental implants and porcelain veneers.

As a respected dentist by his colleagues and patients, he is now training other dentists on his procedures with veneers as an expert in the field. This is his gift of education so that many can benefit from his knowledge.

Dr. Stokes decided at age thirteen that he wanted to be a dentist and followed his dream. “My dentist in San Diego always seemed to be happy about the work he did,” Dr. Stokes explained. “He was truly a professional and he encouraged me to go to dental school. In fact his daughter also became a dentist. I felt that being a dentist would allow me to provide a needed health care service.”

Dr. Stokes and his wife Sandy have three children. Adam is a local attorney, Alexis a dental hygienist and Jesse attends college and plans on attending medical school.

Both personally and professionally, Dr. Stokes gives the gift of good dental health in a warm, caring environment. Dr. Stokes is offering complimentary private consultations for Las Vegas Woman magazine readers. Contact the office at 702-699-9876 today to schedule.

Joel A. Stokes, D.D.S.
Specialty: Child and Adult General Dentistry, Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry, porcelain veneers, SnapOn Smile, Invisalign, dental implants

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