By Sasha P. Rincon

Dr. Margaret Terhar is a board-certified breast surgeon at Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada who dedicates her practice to patients with breast complications. She prides herself on being able to take control of a situation that can be quite scary for her patients and reassures them that she can help in their time of need. Dr. Terhar enjoys two specific aspects of her job: the detective portion of figuring out if there is a problem and finding the solution, and the surgery portion of taking something apart and reassembling it in functioning order. Dr. Terhar also finds the patient interaction to be a stimulating part of her job.

“The relationships I develop with the patients and their families are very special. It is something I truly enjoy,” she said.

Motivated by her interest in biology and her desire to interact with people, she realized medicine was the right career choice. Specializing in surgery allowed Dr. Terhar to participate in a fast-paced and hands-on field, which she felt suited her well. Sub-specializing in diseases of the breast further granted her an opportunity to focus on an area where she felt her abilities were best utilized.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences, she attended medical school and went on to spend five years completing a general surgery residency, becoming a board-certified general surgeon. Dr. Terhar has attended several post-graduate seminars to be trained in the most recent techniques and technologies of breast care. In her 23 years of practice, she has had the chance to accumulate a great deal of experience. She recently, obtained a certification in breast ultrasound from the American Society of Breast Surgeons.

“We often say in medicine that our questions never change; only the answers change as we discover new information,” she said.

At Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada, physicians are discovering new ways to evaluate breasts for cancer, new ways to deliver treatments and new ways to treat cancer. One of the new treatment advances is called partial breast radiation therapy. This treatment option, which is available to women who meet specific criteria, uses radioactive seeds instead of traditional radiation therapy and only requires five days of treatment instead of six weeks required for traditional radiation therapy.

In the past, it had been considered too personal for women to discuss breast cancer and its treatment. However, it has become increasingly clear that there are many genetic factors that have an influence on a woman’s risk for contracting breast cancer, so Dr. Terhar’s recommendation is to speak to parents and grandparents about diseases that run in the family.

Dr Margaret Terhar “We believe that some of the most important treatments are preventive, and through early detection and regular preventive screenings, we strive to stop cancer in the early stages with the most current and effective treatment options,” she said.

Dr. Terhar applauds the Las Vegas community for its support of breast cancer charities and notes the numerous opportunities to contribute, including Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

Dr. Terhar has been married to Dr. Don Gregory for 25 years and enjoys traveling, culinary arts, beading and scuba diving.

Margaret Terhar – Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada Credentials: MD, FACS
Medical Specialty: General Surgery, Practice limited to surgery of the breast

Address: 3006 S. Maryland Parkway, Suite 270, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: 702.369.6008