After practicing medicine in Las Vegas for over twenty years and receiving many top doctor awards, Dr. Michael Mall wanted to return to practicing medicine the way it was intended. He grew up in the “Marcus Welby, M.D.” era, wanting to practice medicine like Dr. Welby did on the TV screen. In 2006, Dr. Mall did just that; he converted his traditional medical practice of thousands of patients to a personalized healthcare model providing care to a maximum of 600 patients.

Among the many benefits of Personalized Healthcare are same day, thorough 30-minute appointments with 24/7 access to Dr. Mall’s cell phone number and up to 75 percent fewer days spent in the hospital over any other non-personalized healthcare plans. He develops a true partnership with his patients to deliver the best care for each patient. Dr. Mall’s patients benefit from his approach to optimize their health and longevity through preventative programs, hormone replacement therapy, nutritional repletion programs and age management programs. His philosophy is that nothing is more important than knowing your doctor truly cares about you.

“My practice is a one-stop shop,” states Dr. Mall. He offers onsite x-ray services, cardiac stress testing, ultrasound services and laboratory services. Because of the extra time devoted to each visit, Dr. Mall usually communicates directly with the specialist to whom he is referring patients to further facilitate optimal care. Minor surgical procedures are performed for lacerations, cyst removal, skin biopsies and ingrown toenail removal.
Joint injections, muscle trigger point injections and IV hydration and vitamin infusions round out the full complement of services provided.

How do you know if Personalized Healthcare is right for you and your family? Dr. Mall offers free, 30-minute face-to-face interviews with potential patients to discuss the benefits of enrolling into his personalized program. Who do you trust to optimize your health?

Michael S. Mall, MD – Family Practice Physician Credentials: MD
Medical Specialty: Family Practice Physician

Address: 7455 W. Washington Ave. #400, Las Vegas, NV 89128
Phone: 702.733.7966