Two Sisters Come Together as RV Business Achieves a Milestone
Darcy Walker-Fitch: Family Business is Part of Her DNA, Destiny

Darcy Walker-Fitch grew up living the RV lifestyle as her family business and for recreational time. Today she is the vice president of Johnny Walker RV, but she definitely had to work her way up.

“We lived close to the dealerships and I could ride my bike over to the lot and clean and wash trailers to earn money when I was 12 to13 years old, so I guess that was the start of my entrance into the family business,” explained Walker-Fitch, “Actually all three of us kids would do little things at the dealership from the time we could walk. Dad would pay us to pick up trash around the dealerships and stamp brochures.We seldom went downtown and my parents didn’t gamble or live the Las Vegas lifestyle.”

After briefly attending The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Walker-Fitch tried RV sales and knew it was her calling. She started at the dealership on Tropicana and Boulder Highway and in 1986 started managing the sales department. With very few women working in the RV industry in the 1980s, Walker-Fitch credits two people for their guidance as she broke new ground in Las Vegas.

First, there was her father. “My dad was absolutely my mentor. All I can say is he is just the best. He has instilled the values in me that have helped in every aspect of my life. He taught me sales and business skills that I could never have learned in a college,” she said.

Second, there was her former manager Ferrell Ireland, “(who) was my parents’ best friend. She took me under her wing and really showed me the ropes from a woman’s perspective in a man’s world. Unfortunately she lost her life to cancer in June 1986, and I ended up taking her position as sales manager. Because of her and my Dad, it was the start to an awesome career,” Walker-Fitch said.

As for sales in retail today, Walker-Fitch would advise anyone wanting to enter the field, “to learn as much as you can about the RV products and be as knowledgeable as you can be. There are still so many more men involved in the industry, that if you know your product and business you will succeed. I have hired more female sales gals lately and they are actually some of my top producers. People seem to trust them.

“I actually try and mentor many of the people I hire. My sister-in-law came to work for me a few years back and I must say she has probably learned the most. When I hear her with customers it’s as if I would have said the same things. She is the top salesperson at the RV Center (Flamingo) location,” she said.

With the passing of her husband in 2007, Walker-Fitch is raising two teenage boys on her own. As a family, they enjoy camping, motorcycling, and snowboarding. As part of the company, she also supports DJs for PJs which collects new pajamas that are donated to 20 charities benefiting abused and neglected children.

Walker-Fitch loves living in Las Vegas. “I have travelled all over the US and overseas and I can say in my opinion there is no better place to live,” she said. As for her career, according to Walker-Fitch, “The RV business is such a fun business. We have some of the most fun loving customers that you could ever ask for, and it’s nice to say that many of my customers are now great friends of mine.” As a big part of Las Vegas, Walker-Fitch truly embodies a Fearless Female.