Opening minds to all possibilities

By Debbie Hall

The entire staff of the Henderson International School is devoted to its mission of engaging students with a college preparatory experience that goes beyond academics to develop exceptional individuals dedicated to local and global communities.

By teaching critical thinking skills, an appreciation of cultural diversity, proficiency in Spanish, enjoyment of music, participation in various athletic activities; Henderson International School offers a unique environment to equip young people with the perspective to do well and live well.

“Spanish is taught starting in preschool through the eighth grade,” said Seth Ahlborn, Headmaster of the Henderson International School, “We offer violin from first to third grades as an introduction to playing an instrument. We also have a band program that begins in the fourth grade to the eighth grade.”

Ahlborn brought more than 20 years of experience in the field of education before joining the Meritas Family of Schools, which include 10 national and international schools. “It is nice to have a group of headmasters that I can work closely with and a couple times a year we get together formally, which is an exceptional opportunity for sharing ideas,” he said.

According to Ahlborn, he is inspired first by his own children, then the thousands of children and parents he has come into contact with during his career.

“The curriculum we offer at Henderson International School is very whole-child focused,” said Sharice Lance, managing director, “It does include all of the core subjects like math, reading and science. We also have a strong fine arts program, athletics and integrate things into our program such as public speaking. Even at a very young age starting in preschool, students are performing in front of their parents, other kids, friends and family giving them that confidence that children need at a very young age.”
Lance began her professional career as an accountant and eventually moved into post-secondary education. She moved to Las Vegas and joined Henderson International School as its managing director two years ago.

Students’ growth is accelerated through Henderson International School’s teaching and learning environment with its Personal Learning Plans. Teachers track progress against that plan throughout the year—both informally and through formal testing. Teachers get to know each child’s unique interests, strengths, goals and learning style.

Henderson International School also features small class sizes to give teachers more one-on-one time with their students. Each of its teachers is involved in ongoing learning in the Meritas Teachers College with a global enrollment. Teachers collaborate with educators from nine top-tier schools around the world to continually expand the curriculum to make certain each student reaches their academic potential.

Henderson International School is designed to nurture its students with open attitudes as well as work with children to develop strong character and engage in learning 21st century skills and content as a path to create a successful future. Within this environment, children grow into leaders with a love of learning.

Henderson International School is part of the Meritas Family of Schools. For more information, visit

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