By Stephanie Ann Vehon

If your closet could talkAs a new columnist for Las Vegas Woman, I want to ignite the world of image. Image is something that happens from the inside out. Through this column, I want you to receive entertaining, informative and impactful information. Allow me to introduce you to: If Your Closet Could Talk. Through this column, you will receive the tips you need to clean your closet and have it aligned with your goals.

It happens to all of us when we walk into our closet and it starts talking to us, saying, “It’s time to make more money, so you could replace everything in here. Have better health and you’ll fit in the clothes in here.”
As we move into 2014, what’s important about our closets is how they reflect our goals for the New Year. With every New Year come new goals, intentions and desires. What is in your closet will reflect the goal you intend to get this year. So it’s time to start cleaning from the inside out.

To start the New Year off right, let’s examine what’s underneath your clothes and closest to your heart: your bras. What do you think those are saying to you? Yes, they are talking to you. Most likely they are saying something like: “I am not as sexy as I was five years ago.” “I’ve lost elasticity.” “You need something new.”

If your closet could talk underwearWhat you put under your clothes is as important as your outer clothing. Women wearing Saggy Sally’s bras tend to look older than those wearing Upright Ursula’s bras. As a rule of thumb, your undergarments should be replaced every six to eight months and more often for larger busted women.

Your body emotionally connects with fit and fabric. If what you are putting on your body does not fit your body, you have an unhappy body. If you purchase a bra that doesn’t feel right to your body now, it’s not going to fit you properly over time. Brazier expert Lauren Rivkin said, “There’s no magic bra out there that can somehow get rid of the back spillover or back fat and still be extremely supportive. You need your bra band to be snug—not choking you, but really snug—it’s inevitable that most of us are going to have a bit of a line. I compare it to taking a pair of socks off, they leave a line or a mark but they definitely are not too tight.”

Therefore, invest a little on what goes under to celebrate the holiday season and continue into the New Year. Sometime your most popular place for a bra fitting is the worst place. Without mentioning any names or giving away any “Secrets,” get a fitting from a real expert such as Rivkin with (where you go to celebrate your bra). You might be surprised to find out you are wearing the wrong size. According to Rivkin, “For many years because only certain cup sizes were available (most up to DD cup,) many ladies would need to increase their back size in the hope that the cup would in some way fit. As there is more of a range in size, ladies can focus on one of the most important factors, the back size, cup and then shape.”

It’s time to get upright with your image and your goals this year. If your closet could talk it, would say, “Bring confidence to what is closest to your heart; the rest of your dreams will follow.”