Have you heard the big news? DaddyScrubs, the popular line of I’m the Daddy™ apparel and gifts for dads, named actor and father-of-two Ian Ziering their official ‘Daddy of the Year 2013!’

This award recognizes fathers who are very proactive in raising their kids.

“DaddyScrubs bestowed the ‘Daddy of the Year 2013’ distinction on me, and I am very proud of it,” Ian says. “I have taken all of the cues that I picked up from my own childhood with my father. I am very flattered for the distinction, but it’s really a compliment to my own dad. I am happy to follow in his footsteps.”

As the new face of DaddyScrubs, Ian hopes to inspire other papas and help them instill pride in fatherhood and everything they do as daddies. The father-of-two, to daughters Mia, 2, and Penna Mae, 4 months, is ecstatic to encourage fathers to be more present in their kids’ lives.

“I believe you have to be very present in your children’s development,” the actor shares. “I plan to encourage fathers to do things that they might not think to do on their own. One of the most important things parents should do is spend time with their kids, and reading to them is also very important.”

DaddyScrubs are the makers of I’m the Daddy™ Labor/Delivery scrubs and fun and functional Daddy apparel and gifts. Ian is very open about his experience in wearing the signature scrubs in the delivery room.

“What I love about DaddyScrubs is that they help fathers become more engaged in the process,” Ian says. “The actual DaddyScrubs say ‘I’m The Daddy!’ on the back, and when I wore them in the delivery room, everyone had a big smile on their face. The scrubs really helped raise awareness and make me feel more a part of the whole delivery experience.”

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