It is all about the strands

Let’s Talk About Your Hair is a vision created by master stylist and award-winning salon owner Peter Anthony Wynn, CEO and founder. The salon was designed as a total experience boutique with a diversity of stylists incorporating upcoming trends in hair, along with timeless classic cuts and latest beauty products, trends, and professional education.

With salons nationwide; the grand opening of its second location in Las Vegas was held in October and Wynn felt, “amazing and really grateful. The community has been very accepting of us and we intend to give back to the community.”

As for his vision, Wynn said, “We thought this would be an amazing culture to bring to the professional hair industry. It is a fusion of independent stylists and training.”

During the grand opening, celebrity stylist Nick Arrojo debuted his new line, Arrojo. Best known for appearing in the television show, “What Not to Wear,” Arrojo demonstrated his product and styling techniques before the opening.

“My new line is very extensive with professional products and the goal was to give the right tools to create the kind of hairstyles I like,” Arrojo said.
His line includes five shampoos and conditioners, including the SHINE LUXE line which is sulfate and paraben free. The product line was created for shine, luxury and restores softness and manageability with macadamia and grape seed oil and lightly scented with black orchid. He also offers a dry shampoo product that comes in an aerosol that removes the residue as well as adds texture and volume to the hair.

“I am a huge fan and supporter of his product, his brand and his integrity as well as his education; it is amazing,” said Wynn, who has known and worked with Arrojo for years. “Every product I create, I work with the best chemists in America. I work with six different manufacturing plants and develop the products to the specification that I know will work for me and my salon in New York City. We service 1,000 clients per week, so it is a very busy salon and it is a really great test market. We know if the products work in my salon, it will work in any salon around America,” Arrojo explained. “We have 200 salons in America that are carrying the line and it is tied completely to education. The Arrojo line is about education for the stylist which means a better hair experience to each and every client no matter where they are located.”

Wynn also believes in the total salon experience and wants to understand everyone’s feelings after every visit. He and his staff travel the world to share and gather the latest ideas and the finest products available.

As for giving back, recently over three days more than 200 women and children from the Shade Tree shelter were bused in to the salons and treated to a free haircut, color and style with products donated by Redken for the inaugural Become A Champion event. More than 50 people volunteered their time during the event to assist the hair stylists, set up the food and give manicures to the women while they were waiting to get their hair done. Wynn said that he plans to extend the event for one week and help more 1,000 women from Shade Tree.

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