Engaged!So much, and I mean, SO MUCH has happened since the previous issue of Las Vegas Woman was published. I stashed away my high heels and put on my traveling shoes these last few months. From Korea to Mexico to the Grenada Islands, all of them have a special place in my heart. But the one thing that has the largest space in my heart is my fiancé, Seth Grabel. I found the man of my dreams this year and he proposed to me on a private beach in the Caribbean with a message in a bottle.

Thanks to Norm Clark’s published article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal Newspaper about our engagement, news spread quickly in the community. On a number of occasions, I’ve received letters and had conversations with other women that have been following Seth and my adventures together. They’ve shared that our relationship gives them hope. Let me be the first to tell you, I didn’t know a love like ours was possible until I experienced it firsthand. Seth is extremely supportive, loving and honest with me. We are the best of friends and respect each other. Getting to this point of accepting this kind of love wasn’t easy and here’s what I’ve learned: when I began to truly love and respect myself, Seth showed up in my life. How we treat ourselves is how other people, especially our spouse, will ultimately treat us.

Grandma BaAnother life changing occasion occurred just a couple weeks ago. My Grandma Ba passed away. She was 91 years of age, was no taller than four-foot-something and had lived an inspiring life. In 1954, she moved her family from communist North Vietnam to South Vietnam. Then in 1975 she had the courage to escape South Vietnam before it fell to communism, taking her children, (my mom included), with her. She left everything else behind and took a leap of faith. They received refuge in our amazing country and settled in Las Vegas. My Grandma Ba saved her family for generations to come. THAT’S what unconditional love looks like. I love her very much and she will always be a true matriarch in our family.

As I reflect upon the last three months of my life, I am astounded. My incredible Grandma Ba’s life ends and Seth and my life together as one begins. Here’s to you and your loved ones this holiday season. May you cherish every moment shared.

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