Let’s take this moment to pause and acknowledge the presence of the greater reality moving all of the planets in perfect order.We now activate within us a thankful response to this generous giver and provider of all things. We now shift our attention to the stillness and the silence underlying everything and return to that quiet place at the center of our being to relax and rest in thee.

After the farmer plants the seed the greater reality takes over and does all of the things the farmer is unable to do.The greater reality is determining or deciding where the stems and leaves will go,what color, shape, design and size each leaf will have and how long the process will take.This analogy could lead us to an improved understanding of the tendencies or nature of Mother Nature.The first conclusion we can take from the farmer example is that nature has ability and power that exceeds all people.

Second, we know that nature is abundant and generous and provides more air than we can breathe, more water than we can drink and more food than we can eat. Third, we know that nature is always cleaning and this is why it rains, why the wind blows and why the rivers run. “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” Fourth, we know that nature is always perfectly punctual proving why the sunrise is never late.

Fifth, we know that nature cannot and will not violate her own laws because she is the highest integrity in the Universe and why we can count on things to always work in our favor every time we apply or adhere to nature’s rules.

The absolute universal truth is what unifies science and religion.Therefore, the ultimate reality of our existence is we are either standing with the truth or we will have to face the truth.The truth is the key that grants access to the almighty power governing the highest laws of nature.Therefore we are safe, protected, healed,renewed, provided for, loved and supported by a divine and miraculous greater reality and this is why we will always prevail.

rev thabitiRev. Thabiti is the CEO at ThePower.com, Executive Director at ThePower.org and is the inventor of the Personal Time-Map System.
He also officiates at weddings and funerals and can be contacted directly at CEO@ThePower.com