You may have seen our articles and our cars driving around town and asked yourself, “What is Moms Making Six Figures?” Natricia Tricano was in the same position when she contacted the company and she now realizes it was an opportunity of a lifetime. “Moms Making Six Figures gives me the time to raise my kids and still have a life aside from being a mommy,” shared Tricano.

Tricano worked as a practicing attorney for 12 years, where she was an Army JAG trial counsel, a corporate defense attorney, and had her own law firm doing family, criminal and civil plaintiff’s work. “Being an attorney is fantastic, if you have the 10-12 hours a day to commit to it. For me, it was impossible to be an attorney and be a mom without feeling guilty that I was sacrificing the happiness of my children and also without feeling guilty that I was sacrificing my commitment to my clients,” explained Tricano, “The only way around this conundrum was to fully commit to one and I decided to take the toughest job in the world,: being a full-time mom.”

For two years, Tricano embraced her new role as “mommy” and during this time she had another daughter. As her youngest approached her second birthday, she realized there were aspects of working outside the home that she missed. “I really missed relationships with other people aside from children that were committed to a unifying goal,” Tricano said. That’s when she saw the article for Moms Making Six Figures. “When I met with Kellee Wip about the company, I became more intrigued and I realized it offered the balance that I’d been looking for,” she said.

Moms Making Six Figures was founded almost five years ago in San Diego and Wip is part of the team that is expanding into the Las Vegas area. The women come from a variety of backgrounds: from a certified public accountant to a surgeon and even a Cirque du Soleil performer. “The company is a marketing organization that was created to represent one primary company,” Wip explained.

Tricano and Wip meet with other women to speak about the specifics of the business. “I work about 15 hours a week and I plan it around my girls’ schedules,” said Tricano, “There is no inventory, no party planning, no selling and no risk, but you do need to be self-motivated and have a desire to succeed.”

“Bringing women home to their lives” is the motto of Moms Making Six Figures and Tricano is proud to represent the brand. “I am so thankful for Moms Making Six Figures, which gives me the flexibility to work when I choose and I can’t wait to continue to share this opportunity with others.”

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