Audrey Dempsey/Infinity Photo
Krista Whitley Castellarin was born walking fast, talking fast and thinking fast in a small town. As a serial entrepreneur, she created and grew Canada’s No. 9 fastest growing company only to have it implode due to a corporate culture that pursued profit at the expense of values. Having learned this important lesson about corporate culture, she rebounded and created a hybrid engagement firm that secured huge clients less than two weeks from the day they opened. In fact, she was pregnant for 18 of the first 24 months while she created her first company and Whitley Castellarin believes women are at a distinct advantage over men in the business world.

She has been on both sides of the camera, as a reality television star on Animal Planet and with her own reality television show in Canada on the Slice network as well as winning two American Advertising Federation Addy awards for her video production work. A passionate entrepreneur and consultant, she is a shareholder in numerous companies. A naturally philanthropic person, she donates her time speaking to students in local schools about entrepreneurship and coaching new entrepreneurs. Admired and loved for her straight talking style, Whitley Castellarin pulls no punches, but instead leads with authenticity and boldness that inspire all who are fortunate enough to know her.