A World of Thanks

Gratitude for a greater purpose

Tammy Shaw Las Vegas WomanAs I sit here in Korea writing my publisher’s letter for this issue of Las Vegas Woman, I am struck with incredible gratitude. Here I am, almost half-way across the world and the magazineis about to be uploaded to the printer. By far, it’s our best annual Doctors of the Desert issue yet.

Technology never ceases to impress me. It can keep me connected to the Las Vegas Woman team as if I had never left. We have met our deadline and are even going to the printer early. With that said, it is a true testament of our team’s passion for what Las Vegas Woman stands for: community first. Those words are said over and over in our office, it’s our culture. I am humbled to see that Las Vegas Woman is a driving force in our community… not because of any one person, but because of everyone that has been involved in the publication to what it is today.

A special thanks to Debbie Hall. She has been with the publication over the years. She started as a contributing writer, to coeditor and, as of this issue, she has taken the lead seat as Editor-In-Chief. Debbie, you did absolutely phenomenal this issue. It’s been a joy working with you the last ten years and I look forward to collaborating with you as Editor-In-Chief.

Thank you to Jason Carter, the chief executive assistant to the publisher. You played a big role in the success of this Doctors of the Desert issue. You displayed huge professional growth by taking on more responsibility. There were a lot of moving pieces and parts in putting the fall issue together. Congratulations on being able to stay organized and also adjusting your sails as needed to get the job done beautifully.

Thank you Troy and Brandi Doss. They have been with the publication since its inception and continue to impress me with graphic designs every issue. There’s something to be said about working those late nights until 5 a.m., it must get your creative juices flowing!

For those that follow me personally on social media, you are familiar with my BFF, my mentor, and otherwise known as the Vice-President of Las Vegas Woman: Ruth Lauber. This woman is a rock. Working with her the past 10 years, I have learned so much. Today in Korea, I was getting worksick… it’s kinda like being homesick. I was missing my team immensely as I have always been with them during magazine crunch time. However, once again, Ruth put things in perspective for me. She sent me this text while I was working in my Korean hotel room:
Don’t be emotional Tammy, other than the feelings of a great leader. Across the country and your team makes it happens. That is the sign of a great leader.

Today had been an emotional day for me. Now I realize that Las Vegas Woman is thriving and has taken a life of its own. Through the magazine, we’ve featured over 900 women and it has truly become a magazine for our community. The past year, I have been saying this mantra every morning:

“It is my hope that Las Vegas Woman Magazine is a huge moving force in our great city that educates, entertains and inspires.” The clouds have parted and I can truly see this dream coming true. To educate, entertain & inspire,

Tammy Shaw
Publisher & Owner
Las Vegas Woman