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tammy shaw publisher las vegas woman magazineTasha had her annual teeth cleaning last month and 14 teeth were pulled! She’s my rescue dog that I adopted over a year ago. With her previous owners, she wasn’t properly taken care of, so presumably this was her first teeth cleaning. Now with no top or bottom front teeth, she’s oddly cuter than ever. For the 14 extractions, the cost was only $50 (in addition to the regular teeth cleaning fees) … if only our own dental care was that inexpensive.

The reality is, when looking for a good dentist for humans, the choices are overwhelming in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. In fact, there are 1,371 listings for dentists in the local phone book alone, yowza! Las Vegas Woman magazine is excited to narrow the playing field down to seven incredible dentists. In this spring issue, you’ll get to meet these local dentists and learn more about their practice and personal visions. Also in these pages, you’ll find articles with tips on how to keep your children’s teeth healthy and discover organizations like Future Smiles, a nonprofit that provides vital oral healthcare to more than 200 at-risk children a month in our valley.

As you read through this issue, we truly hope Las Vegas Woman magazine puts a smile on your face … and if you need assistance with that smile, the dentists you find here can certainly help with that.

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TashaP.S. Special thank you to Dr. Kay and staff at Aloha Animal Hospital for taking care of Tasha and keeping her on the road to health. I love the hospital’s Hawaiian theme and the chocolate macadamia nuts for the parents in each waiting room! Beyond that, your staff is knowledgeable and my experience is has been truly heartwarming.